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Last Year's Year 6

Week beginning 15th July

We've had a busy week cooking our pasta dishes this week for our DT. After researching, designing, planning and editing our dish, we cooked in our groups with some delicious results. The tomato dishes went really well (apart from the tub of salt that accidentally spilt into the pan for one group and the EXTREMELY garliccy sauce after diverting from instructions). We had a selection of meats and vegetables to create the dishes with only one group this year opting for a different sauce - cheese. Everyone did great with chopping and prepping the dishes and working together as a team to create their perfect dish. Alongside this, we have prepped our portfolios and then, on Friday, presented these to the governors ready for transition to high school. Can't believe there is only 1 day left!!

Pasta sauce making day 2 - Wednesday 17th July

Week beginning 8th July

What a busy few weeks! With a big focus on our performance the children really shone in our dress rehearsal and performance for parents on Thursday so we'd like to say a huge congratulations to year 5 and 6 for this. We had an incredibly successful enterprise last week and, as a class, we raised a huge £126! We made pasta in DT, looking at the traditional way of making it using a rolling pin on a simple egg pasta recipe. We have completed our track events ready for the second half of sports day next week - the track. Remember this has been moved to Tuesday afternoon starting at 1:30.

Investigating our pulse rates

We have been learning all about our circulatory system in our science topic. Some of us struggled to find our pulses easily so we tried out a different way of doing it. We had to lay down, keep really still and silent (which some of us found easier than others!!) and place some bluetac on our necks which had a straw sticking out. When we managed to get them in the right place, our partners could observe the straw move each time there was a pulse. Some of us took the investigation further and tested if this method worked on different parts of our bodies where we know we can feel our pulse eg, our wrists or on our thumbs. We also tried to find out if the straw moved more if there was a larger amount of bluetac. 

Week beginning 24th June

Our performance is in full practise mode at the moment and we're trying to take every chance we get to get in the hall for rehearsals. We've begun to think about our DT topic of pasta and sauces. We chose which meat/s are our favourites along with the base sauce that we'd like. From there, we have planned, in groups, a variety of different vegetables which we all enjoy. We are hoping to start cooking next week so try and remember to bring a tupperware box in to take your food home! Our portfolios are coming along nicely - we've been really enjoying reflecting on our time at school and remembering all the funny things that have happened whilst looking through the pictures. Only 3 weeks left of school - it's going to be busy but also very enjoyable!

Week beginning 17th June

Our trip to Yeadon tarn this week was ace - it's lucky we postponed as the week before we wouldn't have been able to get on the water! We did some problem solving games in groups and had to orienteer around the lake, finding points which had numbers on them. The kayaking was the most fun! Pretty much everyone ended up in the tarn - some deliberately; some not so. The initial cold created some fantastic faces when we first went in. We managed to fit more than 1 on a boat and had different challenges to complete. We've been imagining we were the first to find North America this week, writing diary entries from the perspective of an explorer who found a Native American camp. We had to think about giving clues about things that we know about from learning, like tomahawks and dream catchers, but we couldn't use these words because we wouldn't have known what they were.

Week beginning 10th June

We've worked really hard this week on our resilience as we created our own dream catchers. We used garden wire and a variety of wool having to cover the wire first with our favourite wool before choosing our next colour for the tricky part - the web. We tried to finish our dream catchers by adding decorations like beads and feathers, just like the Ojibwe tribe did although ours use much more modern materials. After we created them, we wrote a set of instructions just in case anyone wanted to make one of their own. We've continued our portfolios writing riddles and creating comic strips about things we have learned and problems we have solved during our time at Cobden. Unfortunately, our trip was postponed this week but we are really looking forward to going to Yeadon on Tuesday - fingers crossed the weather improves!

Week beginning 3rd June

We've started our new topic about North America this week, delving into history to find out all about the Ojibwe tribe. We used our ICT time to research the Ojibwe tribe and one of their influences on the world - dream catchers. From this research, we have written our own factual reports before trying to sketch our own designs in art thinking about effects we can create for textures of feathers and string. Next week, we are going to start making our own dream catchers. We've started to reflect on our time at Cobden as we don't have long left and, in doing so, have begun our portfolios which we will present to the governors. We have been thinking about friendship and how we have been a good friend as well as how we could make Cobden even better. Lots of us would love a sports hall and swimming pool - if only!

Week beginning 20th May

It's been science week this week and we have been conducting experiments to try and ensure Mr Cattermoul is much happier when dunking biscuits in his tea. We worked with Mrs Willacy all week, planning, conducting and reviewing an experiment. We chose different investigations and variables we would change before making predictions as to what would happen. We all found that shortbread is the best biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea! We wrote our investigations up and published them for our writing portfolio. We've started to reflect on our time at Cobden preparing work for our portfolios - we have used pictures from previous years and have had a laugh remembering trips and seeing how much we've changed.

How good are biscuits for dunking? Our experiments

We couldn't be prouder of everyone in year 6 this week after the week we've been preparing for. Everyone's been so resilient and mature about the challenges they've faced this week all the adults who have supported have been so impressed. We've spent the afternoons having fun playing rounders and games and finished the week with our traditional celebratory breakfast. SATs are over - Wahoo! 

Week beginning 6th May

Well, year 6 have worked incredibly hard this year and we couldn't be prouder of them. We've done all we can in preparation for next week, covering topics and practising skills we have learned all year. The children have had positive attitudes and a good desire to learn and practise through lessons, boosters and interventions and they are ready to show what they've learnt. It's time now to have a nice relaxing weekend ready to hit the ground running on Monday with grammar. Remember, breakfast club is free for year 6 all week next week. Have a great weekend.

Week beginning 29th April

We're on the final countdown to SATs and have been revising and practising lots of learning in maths, reading and grammar. We have really been trying to apply skills we've been taught and have become detectives when trying to comprehend what we are being asked. In PE, we've continued our striking and fielding focus as we were able to get outdoors to practise our bowling and batting techniques in cricket. We're looking forward to another long weekend before final preparation to show off exactly what we can do the week after.

Week beginning 22nd April

We've continued our Paperman stories this week, developing atmosphere and character interaction in a romance genre. We thought hard about language choices to give clues about our main character's feelings towards the new character and how he would react. We're continuing our revision of topics over the next few weeks so we are as comfortable and confident as possible with our maths skills in problem solving, reading and grammar. 

Week beginning 15th April

It's the final term for year 6 and they've come back ready for learning this week. We've been using a Disney short to inspire our writing this week, looking at how we can develop a story from a still image and really bring the setting and character to life through our own description. We have had to use our personal experience and understanding of the world to help us. In PE, we started looking at catching and throwing techniques for cricket, working on accuracy and understanding the importance of throwing accurately and communicating when fielding. May is coming quickly and we are in the final stages of revision when it comes to maths and English topics, something we'll keep working with over the coming weeks. Enjoy the extended weekend and happy Easter!

Week beginning 25th March

In our last week of term, we've turned our hand to presenting skills, creating powerpoint shows but with a difference. We've taken ideas from quiz shows - developing a revision quiz with hyperlinks and effects on the slides. In maths this week we've been looking at data handling and how to problem solve when given a bar chart, line graph or pie chart. We loved having mums and grandmas come and join us for Mother's day lunch on Thursday and would like to say well done to everyone who took part in another incredibly successful Cobden's Got Talent! CGP books have been sent home today and are now the children's to use as revision guides up until SATs. We hope you have an excellent, and relaxing, Easter break. Mr K and Miss Davis frown

Week beginning 18th March

Our maths lessons have had a focus on ratio and proportion this week which we grasped quite quickly using our knowledge and understanding of fractions. In English, we were challenged to write a piece about a character's feelings in a setting for a peer to infer through the clues and language we used about how they were feeling and why - a tricky skill! Wonder of the week this week was really interesting as we learned that British sign language was first recognised as an official language just 16 years ago. From this, we learned the alphabet and some greetings, challenging each other to spell words. We loved watching the year 3 performance and want to say well done to everyone involved for entertaining us. We can't wait for Cobden's Got Talent next week!

Week beginning 11th March

We've had a bit of a practice week this week, learning timings and how to answer certain types of maths, reading and grammar questions. We are really improving our understanding of different methods and showing our thinking on a page. In PE, we have been developing our tag rugby skills with Matty on Monday which some of our girls applied in a great session on Wednesday after school (pictures are on the PE page). In topic, we've been learning how the Ancient Maya wrote using glyphs - pictures which represent sounds. We then tried to draw our own and create our own words using the pictures. We finished with an attempt at yoga in PE, learning different stretches and relaxation techniques.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week beginning 4th March

We've been reviewing fractions again this week and are starting to master the skill of adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers, multiplying fractions and dividing fractions. In topic, we've been trying to decipher the Ancient Maya number system to work out values of numbers. They used dots, lines and shells with a layer system for place value - confusing! But, lots of the children did an excellent job at calculating with them!

Investigative Science 5th March 2019

In Science, we have been learning about evolution and adaptation. After looking at pictures of different birds, we were able to see that they have different styles of beaks. We deduced that this must be due to the food that they eat.

We wanted to investigate which types of beaks were most suitable for different types of food so we pretending to be bird! Using different styles of beaks (tweezers, chopsticks, spoons or forks), we tried to pick up as much food as we could within a set time. We were able to record the information in a table to make some conclusions. 

Week beginning 11th February

In topic this week we've been learning of the importance of the Amazon rainforest to our planet. We found that it provides homes to millions of people and one in ten animals in the world. Why people would want to knock it down baffled us so we decided to create a mini-protest against deforestation as this will eventually be a factor which could ruin our planet. In maths this week we've been working on volume and how to calculate volume of cubes and cuboids. We've been enjoying the late week sunshine, enjoying a PE lesson where some of us played dodgeball and some of us played netball without our coats and wooly jumpers in PE! 

We hope you have a lovely, relaxed week after a very busy half term. Mr K smiley

Week beginning 4th February
We've had a pig of a week this week - literally! Our focus during our school creative week has been the pig because this year is the year of the pig in Chinese New Year zodiac beliefs. We started the week discussing what we knew about pigs - who knew we'd know so many famous pigs! We then began to think about one of the most famous pigs in the world right now... Peppa. We reviewed how influential Peppa is as a character for young children before watching examples of episodes before planning our own Peppa storyboards and illustrating them. The task was given to produce a Peppa story to share with our foundation stage children so, we used our story boards and wrote our own Peppa narratives, working on character interaction and speech.  We also learned how to play a card game called pig which was great fun as well as linking our maths to play a new game called pass the pigs. Keep an eye out early next week for some examples of our fantastic work!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week beginning 28th January

In maths this week we've been looking at angles playing everyone's favourite game show 'Estimate that angle'. We learned how to measure and draw angles accurately with a protractor before using reasoning about right angles, straight lines, triangles and quadrilaterals to find missing angles through working methodically. We've looked at punctuation in English whilst also word processing our reports about our amazing animals we have discovered from the Amazon. We learned about the layers of the Amazon rainforest in topic, understanding the four layers and the animals which lived there to create pictures to show understanding. 

Classifying Sweets!

In Science, we have been learning all about living things and have found out that a scientist called Carl Linneaus invented a way of categorising all living things through a sequence of questions. We have tried to create our own classification systems using a variety of different sweets.

Week beginning 21st January

This week, we've continued our work on area and perimeter of compound shapes working through putting shapes together to split them ourselves. We had to think of factor pairs when reasoning about area and which numbers multiply together to make an amount. In English, we learned all about the fictional elephant frog before designing our own exotic creature and writing a report about it. We started word processing these and will finish them next week. In topic, we conducted research and created posters about the different biomes of South America like the rainforest, savanna, desert, alpine-mountain and grasslands. 


Week beginning 14th January

This week, we've been focusing on sentence structures in English. We have written a variety of story openers, using videos to support ideas and help lead creativity. We then began to link our writing to our South American topic, imagining we were a tribes person out on a hunt. In maths, we've been looking at area and perimeter, first, finding area and perimeter of simple shapes such as triangles and rectangles before moving on to compound shapes. We've learned and solved problems about the South American populations and learned that the size of a country doesn't specifically mean it has the highest population. 


Week beginning 7th January

Welcome back and a Happy New Year. We've come back with excellent attitudes - raring to go and had a focus on the basics of grammar in our English lessons. We have tried to pick out grammar from different songs as well as identifying terms within different sentences. In maths, we have been investigating averages and collecting data to find the mean, median, mode and range. In PE, we have begun our focus on net games, looking at positioning and sending equipment from a racket. We started our new topic for this half term - South America and the Amazon - by identifying the countries, capitals and flags of each of the countries.

Week beginning 17th December

We've had a fun final week to the term making cards and calendars and playing lots of festive games. We really enjoyed the panto of Puss in Boots on Wednesday and our Christmas party on Thursday. As ever, what a great way to end the Autumn term with our Christmas sing-a-long which was packed! 

Everyone has worked incredibly hard this term and we've seen a huge improvement in independence and maturity. It's time for a well-earned rest. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year everyone!

Mr K frown

Week beginning 10th December

We have absolutely loved watching the performances this week of both foundation stage and KS1 and want to say a big congratulations to them for doing so well - there are some fab pictures on their class pages. Some of us have been out completing our bikeability training this week on Monday and Tuesday. In maths, we continued our focus on percentages and have become much more confident when finding percentages to then build up and find percentages of set amounts before problem solving. We completed our dance unit with the challenge of creating a routine for Just dance which was accessible to all - we took it in turns to perform our routines for half the class to follow and did a fantastic job. In English, we have been developing our own versions of 'A visit from St Nicholas' by poet Clement Clarke Moore, thinking about the traditions we have in school - have a read of our class poem that we have drafted so far, below.


'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the school

the children were shivering because it was cool.

At the Christmas party, we drink dance and eat.

Towards the end of the day we rest our tired feet.

People lose games pretend they don't care 

whilst other people are beginning to share.

As children put tinsel on the shiny tall tree,

the other young children are filled with glee.

Adults in the staff room were drinking hot coffee

whilst children were prancing on the grass which is sloppy.

At the Christmas dinner, whilst eating hot mash, 

Mr Lewis had gravy stuck in his moustache.

Whilst we were singing our Christmas songs, 

some of us thought they were taking too long. 

By Megan, Billy, Rhianna and Sophie


'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the school

Everyone makes angels looking fabulous and cool.

Making decorations for the school Christmas tree. 

Now it's the end of the year, children are free. 

Starting to party - eating, dancing and drinking.

After the party games, children are limping.

Christmas dinner is yummy especially with gravy.

Santa is coming - children going crazy.

By Keevie and Kenzie

Week beginning 3rd December

This week in English, we have been writing non-chronological reports about things in WWll like: Anne Frank, the Blitz, D-day , the homefront and Air raids . We had to do the 4 stages: research, daft, edit and publish. We then created some great posters which we are going to share and help us teach each other about the topics. In maths, we have been doing percentages and working out turning percentages into fractions into decimals. After this, we began to calculate percentages like 50%, 25%, 10% and 5% before building these up to find any percentage of a number. We played a tournament in PE of benchball using similar skills to last week. Our Christmas prep is underway - we made our decorations this week ready to put on the tree on Tuesday. 

Don't forget it's bikeability next Monday and Tuesday for those who received letters this week.

Week beginning 26th November

We have learned about WWII and, specifically, what the holocaust was this week. Some of us had a good understanding from reading different novels which gave us clues as to what happened in WWII to people who had different beliefs. We started to research different things that might interest us about WWII by reading a variety of books and using resources. In maths we've been plotting and calculating missing coordinates before translating shapes across 4 quadrants. In Science, we explored shadows and light, having to guess the length of shadows. 

Week beginning 19th November

We had great fun on takeover day on Thursday with many of our Year 6's job applications accepted. Children had to meet with the staff they were working as with lots of planning of activities and then delivery of lessons, interventions and support across all key stages. In year 6 we had Megan teach in the morning as Mrs Henderson whilst Isaac from year 5 came in and replaced Mr K in the afternoon. Joseph from year 4 did a fantastic job delivering some expert interventions and times tables practise as Miss Davis. We began to learn about WWII this week and Isaac's art lesson linked to this as we started to create our own propaganda posters. We learned of the allies and the axis and tried to find all the countries involved on a map using atlases. 

Week beginning 12th November

We've really enjoyed poetry week starting with Colin's performance poetry workshop on Monday in which we performed Beowulf to the school after practising moves to the words. We then continued with our war topic with a challenge to write narrative poetry with rhyme and rhythm which was a challenge. In maths, we have been converting units of measure which will lead in to problem solving next week. We're getting much better at hockey, making tactical decisions when moving to space to shoot. 

Mr K and Miss Davis are incredibly proud of the children who worked exceptionally well as a team to research and produce a factual and sensitive assembly about WWI and then present this to school and parents supported by writing completed in English and art work. Well done everyone!

Poetry Workshop

Beowulf Performance Poetry

Still image for this video

Week beginning 5th November

We've had a good response to our project homework from over half term - have a look at some of the work completed by members of year 6 below. 

We've been learning all about WWI and what it was like to be a soldier in the war in preparation for our assembly next week. We looked at and analysed poetry, letters and diaries written by the soldiers during their spare time and began to write our own using our subject knowledge of the trenches and horrors of the war. In art, we looked at some ideas for poppy inspired art before choosing our own designs and creating a final piece using paints, collage techniques and chalks. In maths we've been learning about negative numbers and half of us have begun to grasp the tricky strategy of long division. We ended the week with PE and have been set the challenge to create our own Just dance routine. 

Don't forget, our class assembly is next Tuesday at 10am and we'd love for you to come and see what we have put together.

Remembrance poppy art

Remembrance poppy art 1
Remembrance poppy art 2
Remembrance poppy art 3
Remembrance poppy art 4
Remembrance poppy art 5

Half term war projects

Half term war projects 1
Half term war projects 2
Half term war projects 3
Half term war projects 4
Half term war projects 5
Half term war projects 6
Half term war projects 7
Half term war projects 8
Half term war projects 9
Half term war projects 10

Outer West Youth Summit - 22nd October 2018

The House Captains had a great day out at Leeds Civic Hall. Find out more about it here

Week beginning 15th October

We have become authors this week and have begun to apply the skills we have learned this half term into stories of our own. We were given a character, setting and title of our stories and had to develop 4 different ideas for plot before choosing our favourite. Then, we worked through the writing process, editing as we were going to save a lot of time at the end of our writing. In maths, we've started looking at the vast amount of fractions work we need to cover. We started by finding equivalents and revising conversion of mixed numbers and improper fractions ready to add and subtract next week. In PE, we developed our tactical decision making and understanding of tag rugby in invasion games as well as used apparatus to practise skills and develop accuracy of performance in gymnastics. Don't forget, next week is bikeability from Monday until Wednesday and the house captains are on a trip on Monday!

Week beginning 8th October

We're building our story writing skills ready to create and write our own stories next week. Our focus this week has been on developing speech within a story setting whilst giving more information to the reader about how it is said and what characters are doing at the same time. We used cartoons and comic strips to help us and we will tried to embed the skills in a paired write this week. In maths, we have had a problem solving week as we are finding multi-step problems tricky. It's required lots of resilience trying to understand questions - especially when they try and trick us. We conducted research in topic and used our trip as a source for learning when trying to recall and find out dates and conflicts from history. In PE we've been looking at developing peer learning by taking the role of coaches in addition to enjoying our new track and taking part in regular running and walking challenges.

Week beginning 1st October

We had an amazing time at the armouries on Wednesday - it really got us thinking about how life and conflicts have changed through time and we were intrigued by the artefacts we saw there. In English this week we have been learning how to give constructive feedback as well as a focus on basic skills. In maths, the tricky division wasn't so tricky for some as most can now solve division questions and give answers with remainders as decimals and fractions! Our DT has been ongoing this week and, after designing our water bottle labels, we have printed them before sticking them to our final products. We are now learning how to use the tools to design and create our own keyrings.

We've had a great day in the armouries today looking at primary resources from past conflicts. We looked in the war gallery first, looking at artefacts from the past, the Corinthian helmet was the oldest there from around 700BC and we also saw lots from medieval times. Just before lunch, we sat in a workshop all about trench warfare and were allowed to handle some weapons used 100 years ago. After lunch, we looked around the tournament gallery, seeing the armours of King Henry VIII which were awesome. We completed lots of art and research tasks as well as walked up and down a lot of stairs! 

Week beginning 24th September

We have been working on multiplication in maths this week, revising methods before solving different problems - some with one step, some with more than one. In English we have been exploring clauses and varying their position within sentences. This has linked to our reading and we have been thinking what it would be like to be one of the main characters in our novel, writing letters to people we miss within the text. We've made the most of the nice weather and had 2 lessons on invasion games playing some invented games on Friday in the glorious sunshine with a focus on attacking and defending. 

Week beginning 17th September

We began our topic by remembering our Romans work from year 4, trying to locate countries from around the world on a European and World map. Our first influential figure from history we looked at was Queen Boudicca, leader of the Celtic Iceni tribe. We used pictures to try and tell stories using inference before videos taught us all about her. We used speeches to inspire our writing and created a speech from the perspective of Boudicca to persuade the Celts to follow us into battle. In maths, we've been revising our addition and subtraction column methods which we will continue to practise throughout the year. We're really enjoying our novels in groups. In science we used equipment to create and explore circuits.

Week beginning 10th September

Our English lessons have given us an opportunity to develop our descriptive language and we have been trying to give clues as to where our characters are without saying the setting. We then began to develop a story using all our skills we learned last year in year 5 to try and entertain through description. In maths, we've continued demonstrating our understanding of place value, revising rounding and ordering of numbers including decimals. Continuing our Warhol inspired work, we created print frames before printing our frames using bright colours. We were introduced to our electricity topic with Miss Caine on Friday and asked lots of questions which we will investigate this term.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Week beginning 3rd September

We've settled in well to the learning attitudes and routines of year 6 this week starting with revision of basic skills we will use in future weeks. Our focus mainly has been Andy Warhol who is our class artist. We have recreated some of his works using pastels to create portraits as well as our own version of Campbell's soup. Have a look at some of the portraits below and see if you can guess who they are of. 

We have recapped word classes in English when shortening sentences to create setting descriptions which are concise as well as explored punctuation in creative writing tasks. In maths we've understood place value quickly ready to move on next week to some problem solving. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13