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Last Year's Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher: Mrs Smedley


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Goodbye Year 6!

Colour Run


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Week commencing 4th July

This week has been so bisy. Most of us had our transition days at our new high schools this week. 

We continued working on our portfolios in English. We also carried out the field events for sports day on Tuesday afternoon. 

Don't forget to support us in the track events on Tuesday afternoon. 


Week commencing 27th June

This week we wrote our own reports to be sent home with the ones from our teacher. We also started out portfolios. It was nice to reflect on some of the good times we've at Cobden. 

In maths we recapped a couple of topics we went over before SATs: line graphs and pie charts. 

Luckily we were able to have bikeability come back after it was cancelled before. 

Well done assembly went to Joseph and Casey-Leigh for their fantastic art, linked to RE. 


We were finally able to complete our bikeability work. See the pictures above. 


This term we have been learning about North America and we learnt about the indigenous Native Americans. We researched them and did some writing about dreamcatchers and then we decided to make them. We'll add more pictures of the finished ones when we're done. 

Jubilee Celebrations

Crown making

This week we made crowns and bunting. On Thursday we had a parade to show off our crowns and then we ate juice and biscuits with year 5. We were also able to wear red, white and blue. Enjoy your jubilee celebrations. 

Young Voices

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SATs week reminder letter home

Post SATs breakfast

A massive well done to year 6 who have finally finished their SATs. All the children worked really hard and that's all we wanted from them. To celebrate we had our traditional SATs breakfast this morning. See the photos above. 

Leeds United foundation workshop

This week we were lucky enough to participate in a workshop run by the Leeds United Foundation. It was all to do with making positive choices in all areas of our lives. We learnt about peer pressure, staying safe online and making good choices when we are in the community. 

World book day - decorate a potato entries

D:Side - Online Safety workshop

We really enjoyed Dave from D:side coming in to further our understanding of online safety. We talked about lots of the current issues which happen online when gaming or with social media. We discussed the importance of looking after each others social and mental health when online when playing with our friends and also the dangers of speaking to those who we don't know. 


Some of us were able to start training this week with the cycle Leeds team for the bikeability training. Two groups were able to complete level 1 on the playground on Monday and then group 1 were able to go out on the road on Tuesday to complete level 2. Unfortunately, due to the poor weather, the training was postponed until we can hopefully organise it later this year. 

Music Workshops

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been lucky enough to have a couple of music workshops in school. First we had an African drumming workshop which was fantastic. The children learned about rhythm and beat and it sounded great. Then we had a 'Make your own Rock band' workshop. It was amazing! Again, we learnt about beat and staying in time and we were able to choose to be the singer, keyboard player, drummer or guitarist. It was so much fun!

WW1 in the trenches was horrific. We have been learning about the terrible conditions that soldiers were subjected to. We wanted to write a narrative poem about the trenches and tried to use as much description and imagery as we could. 

Rounding with big numbers

We have been having an in depth look at big numbers in year 6. This is Charlie's Venn diagram from his maths lesson. Has he got them in the right places?


Andy Warhol soup cans

We have been looking at the work of Andy Warhol and how he used screen printing to produce repeated images with bold colour. We used everyday food items just like he did. Do you like our soup flavours?

Robinwood Parents meeting letter

Remote learning plan

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 5 have experienced since starting school.