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Important Tapestry Letter

Welcome Back Newsletter March 2021

Summer Topic Map

Welcome Back Newsletter

Autumn Term Topic Map

Congratulations Leo for winning our prize for reading at home this half term

Exploring with the Number 8
The children used various resources to represent the number 8. 
We also used the ladybirds and leaf to make Number 8 Dynamic Number Stories e.g. 5 ladybirds are on the leaf, 3 are not. 5 is a part. 3 is a part. 8 is the whole.

Summer Term: Update Three

The children have had a great time outside and have loved exploring our new water wall.

We have begun to talk about minibeasts and what they are. We discussed how we could find out more about minibeasts, such as talking others, using the internet and using non-fiction books. We wanted to find out more about the lifecycle of caterpillars to butterflies so looked through our non-fiction books to decided which one we could use. 

Summer Term: Update Two

Over the past couple of weeks we have continued to talking about growing and change. We read Jack and the Beanstalk and made up our own version by changing parts of it, called Sonic and the Giant tree. We also read The Hungry Caterpillar, discussed healthy eating and caterpillars changing to butterflies. We have been observing the roots grow out of the broadbean and discussed what the roots are for. We are also looking after the sunflower seeds we planted and we used a ruler to measure them and compare the heights. Nursery have some tadpoles so we also looked at a non-fiction book about how tadpoles change to frogs. In Maths, we have been doing lots of sharing to half and divide numbers. We have also done lots of exploring and explaining about the number 7. 

Summer Term: Update 1


We've had a lovely first week back. We have been talking about growing plants and the different things that impact whether a plant will grow or not. We read the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and discussed the different things that impact whether a plant will grow or not. We have put a broadbean in a bag with kitchen roll and water to observe what happens when the root comes out. We have also worked in groups to read instructions to plant our own sunflower seeds. We are going to look after them and see which groups sunflower grows the tallest. In Maths, we have been learning about money and have used numicon to help us add different amounts of coins. We have also done lots of exploring and explaining about the number 6.

Congratulations Ashlyn for winning our Reading at Home prize this half term

Spring Term Update 3

We've had some lovely weather this week, so we had enjoyed spending lots of time outside exploring, digging, playing and doing obstacle courses. Our number that we have been exploring was the number 6 and we are getting really good at representing it in different ways. We met the Maths Land character Chopping Charlie and learnt about chopping things in half. The children had a go at folding and cutting shapes in half. We have also made some Easter baskets and chocolate crispy buns. We talked about why the chocolate melted and what happens when it cools down. We thought about other things that melt as well. Some of the children also wrote letters to the Easter Bunny this week.

Spring Term Update 2


Another fantastic week in Reception class this week. It was Census week this week so we have been doing lots of counting. We discussed that on a morning we count to see how many children are in class, this is important for lots of reasons and also helps us to know how many of things we might need during the day. We talked about how every ten years the government counts how many children are in England to help us know how many of certain things we need e.g. schools and hospitals.

On Thursday, we did our Play Project afternoon. Lots of children chose to do a Superhero Play Project and worked together to build superhero hideouts and some made Superhero masks. Please see pictures below to see some of the things we have been upto:

Spring Term Update 1


A warm welcome back to Reception class. What a great week we have had in Reception this week. It has been so lovely to see everybody and we are all so proud of how well the children have resettled after such a lengthy time off. There has been lots of playing and having fun and reacquainting with friends as well as getting used to the routines again. It has been great to see lots of children enjoying looking at books this week too - they have been making up stories from the pictures and have even been spotting letters and words they recognise in the books. We can't wait to see everyone again next week.

End of term Reading at home Raffle Prize - Well Done Hudson for winning the Reading at home raffle

Christmas Jumper Day

Update Nine

This week we have begun to get into the festive Christmas spirit. We have started practising our Christmas songs and made a Christmas decoration and a Christmas card.


The children also practised recognising whether words rhyme or not by reading the book 'Duck in the Truck' and discussing whether the words rhymed or not.

We had some wet weather this week, but the children still enjoyed getting outside and exploring. We had some oats and lentils outside which the children enjoyed pouring, mixing and exploring with.

In Maths Land, we talked about money and what money is used for. We also looked at the different coins and discussed their value. We role-played shops and practised using the different coins to purchase items. In Phonics, we learnt the letters y and z. We are continuing to practise blending and segmenting CVC words and have also been reading sentences with the key words we have been learning: particularly 'I can see...' and 'It is...' sentences.

Reading at Home
We are doing a raffle each half term for children who are reading at home. Every time your child reads at home and this is documented in their reading record, their name will be entered into the raffle - the more times they are entered, the more chances they have of winning!

This half term, Harlie was our winner - congratulations Harlie! Hope you enjoyed the book and chocolates. Keep practising!
Update Eight

This week we have learnt a little about the celebration Diwali, which is the Festival of Light. We learnt who celebrates it and things they do to celebrate it. The children enjoyed exploring with coloured rice outside that was a rangoli pattern before all the exploring! We also learnt about what Remembrance Day is and how we support it by buying and wearing Poppy merchandise. We even had a go at making our own poppies.

The children have also been busy finding messages from the Message Monster and making their own messages.

In Maths Land, we visited William Weight. We learnt how to use balance scales to compare the weight of two objects and used the language heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest. We also talked about how just because something is bigger, it doesn't mean it is heavier and explored this concept. In Phonics, we learnt the letters j and v. We are getting better at hearing the initial sounds in words and are continuing to practise to orally blend CVC words e.g. j - e - t = jet. We are also learning to segment the sounds in words e.g. van = v - a - n.
Update Seven

This week we have learnt a little about Bonfire Night and talked about how to keep safe on Bonfire Night. The children also made some lovely bonfire night artwork. 

This week the children also had a go at some Story Acting and Story Telling. Some children made up a story and the children acted them out.

In Maths Land, we visited Harry Height. We compare the height of objects using the language taller, shorter, tallest, shortest. We also measure items by height. We even put some of the children in order. In Phonics, we learnt the digraphs ss, ff and ll and recapped that a digraph is two letters that make one sound.
Update Six

This afternoon, we had a visitor and a note. Over the past few weeks we have noticed lots of the letter 'm' about out classroom. Today we found out they were left by our Message Monster. His note told us that he has transformed our outside into Adventure Island and our carpet into Carpet Kingdom. He also left a note telling us that the Minpins are living in our forest and he told us their secret passcode. Can you remember what the passcode was? We had a great afternoon looking for the Minpins, finding their secret passcodes and making our own messages for them. Some children also made maps to find the messages. The children did some great mark-making and were able to tell me what their messages said. Some children also drew what they thought the Minpins looked like. We listened carefully in the trees and we thought we heard them talking! We even think we saw some. What a fun afternoon we had!

See some pictures below of a little bit of the great messaging, codes and searching we did. 

Update Five


We have been learning about 'diversity' and what it means. We have been celebrating differences and talking about how being different makes us all special. We have had discussions, read stories and done lots of different activities around this.

In Maths Land, we visited Princess One Less, who takes one thing away. We recapped what 'less' meant and then practised finding one less than numbers to 10 using various resources and the success steps to help. In Phonics, we learnt the sounds for ck, e, u and r. We learnt that 'ck' is a digraph which is when two letters make one sound.

Update Four


We have continued observing the changes that happen in 'Autumn' this week.
We have also read the story 'The Little Red Hen' and thought about helping others. We have thought about the different people who help us and who we might need help from in different situations.

In Maths Land, we visited Prince One more, who gives one more thing. We recapped what more meant and then practised finding one more than numbers using various resources and the success steps to help. In Phonics, we learnt the letters g, o, c and k. We are getting better at hearing the initial sounds in words and are continuing to practise to orally blend CVC words e.g. h-a-t = hat.

Update Three

We have been thinking about 'Autumn' and the changes that we are seeing happen as we move from winter. I have brought in a conker still in it's spiky green shell and we are observing it everyday and waiting for the conker to come out. The children have enjoyed being outside and collecting leaves in the buckets. They then did some lovely artwork with the leaves. Some children are enjoying making 'potions' from the different leaves that have fallen.

In Maths Land, we revisited Counting Callum and have been practising counting carefully. We have also learnt about 'more' and 'less' and have practised identifying groups that have 'more' and groups that have 'less'. In Phonics, we learnt the letters i, n, m and d and are continuing to practise hearing the initial sounds in words. We are also practising to orally blend CVC words e.g. b-i-g = big.

Enjoying Our New Paint Markings Outside

Practising vertical lines and anti-clockwise circles

Update Two

We have been thinking about 'It's Okay to be Different'; we have been thinking about similarities and differences between ourselves and others both in terms of appearances and likes and dislikes. We have read the book 'Elmer' as part of talking about similarities and differences. This also allowed us to start thinking about what we are good at as the book mentions that Elmer is good at entertaining the other elephants. The children have enjoyed decorating their own elephants this week.

In Maths Land, we met Pattern Penny and learnt about repeating patterns. We used various resources to make and continue different patterns. In Phonics, we learnt the letters s, a, t and p and are also practising to hear the initial sounds in words.

Underwater Counting Game


The class enjoyed playing the underwater counting game where we practised counting accurately and recognising numerals.

Here is the link if you want to play this at home:

Update One


The children have done so well getting used to the routines and are getting really settled into Reception. It is great to see friendships forming and everyone enjoying exploring in our areas. The children have enjoyed finding and looking at some worms that had settled underneath our construction blocks, where is was dark and damp, over Lockdown. We have also noticed some ladybirds about. The children enjoyed observing the minibeasts, but we made sure we were gentle with them and let them go afterwards.

The children have also enjoyed mark-making; especially outside with the chalks. Children have also enjoyed writing messages and secret passwords. This is a great beginning to giving meaning to marks and writing for a purpose.

Foundation Stage also showed good balancing, moving, team-work and construction skills by building and adapting obstacles courses.


Week Commencing: Tuesday 8th September 2020


A warm welcome to Reception! We had a lovely first week and the children have settled in really well. We are all getting used to the new routines and we thank you for your co-operation with this at the beginning and end of the day. 

This week, we have been getting to know the children and they have been getting to know us. They have also been building relationships with the other children in the class and have been exploring our new environments in our classrooms and outside. I have really enjoyed starting to get to know them and are really looking forward to spending the rest of the year with them and sharing lots of fun experiences together as we embark on our adventure in Reception. We will be keeping you updated on here of things we have been doing in class. 

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Reception have experienced since starting school.