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Takeover Day 2014/2015

Picture 1 Key Stage 2 Assembly
Picture 2 Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Assembly

Wednesday 28th January 2015

This morning, Bobbie and Ellie introduced the art work they had chosen in assembly. They talked to the Key Stage 2 first and told them all about the reasons why they had chosen the art and what type of work we could do based on them. Later on in the morning, they introduced the work to the younger pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and asked them lots of questions all about the pictures.

Tuesday 27th January 2015

Yesterday Ellie and Bobbie became Head and Deputy again when they came with Miss Caine and me to Leeds Art Gallery. Every term we borrow some original art to display in school and we asked Ellie and Bobbie to choose for the school this term. They thought really carefully about their choices and discussed the art with staff at the gallery. They chose "Night Footsteps" by Jon McNaught and "Red Roses" by Humphrey Spender to display near the main entrance - come and have a look and see what you think. Tomorrow they are going to lead two assemblies for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two to talk about the art with everyone in school.

Mrs Head

Picture 1

Sunday 23rd November

The rest of Friday and the weekend passed by so quickly I am sat typing this in bed! I've just looked through the photos of Takeover Day again and I am so proud of everyone who was involved. My friends and family have all looked at the website this weekend because I haven't stopped talking about our day on Friday and how fantastic it was. Every member of staff took part and couldn't praise their new partners enough! We have asked the children to feed back to us and will hopefully have lots of comments to add to the page later in the week.

I have to give a special mention to Ellie who amazed me as mini head teacher. She has an excellent knowledge and understanding of teaching and education and did a truly brilliant job - I hope she is inspired to go into teaching in the future as she is a natural. no

I also want to thank Mr Duckmanton for organising the whole day and to Miss Caine for all her fab photography that has given us a great record of Takeover Day 2014.

Mrs Head

It's nearly lunchtime on Takeover Day and we have been really busy! Miss Gilbert and Miss Ackroyd took assembly this morning and did really well. After assembly we put the assembly stars on the wall, emailed the governors, tested some children on their maths passports and gave out some reading rewards. After play we had a Leadership Meeting and discussed the skills we need as leaders. After lunch we are observing some teaching and will talk to any pupils who are missing choosing time.

Time for a well earned lunch break now!

Mrs Head and Miss Gilbert smiley

Ellie's Application to be Headteacher for the day

Ellie's Application to be Headteacher for the day 1
Ellie's Application to be Headteacher for the day 2

We were in charge!

We were in charge! 1

Miss Quaile took Year Four swimming

Miss Quaile took Year Four swimming 1

Takeoever Day Briefing - Thursday 20th November

Takeoever Day Briefing - Thursday 20th November 1

Hi. My name is Ellie Gilbert (future Head Teacher). I am really excited about Takeover Day tomorrow as I will be in charge for the day! We all had a briefing this morning and went through our jobs for tomorrow and everyone is really excited about it. I am looking forward to doing things like Well Done Assembly but I am bit scared as I will have to talk in front of staff and parents.

Takeover Day will be a change for our school because we have never done it before. It will be a good day because the children will be able to see what it's like to work in a school and do important jobs.

Tomorrow, I will try and get time to write some more on here and let you know how the day is going.

On Friday 21st November, pupils will be taking over the school.


We hope to share lots of photographs from the day here so please come back and see what happened when the pupils were in charge...!

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