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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher: Mr Kaczarek

This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

It will be updated regularly throughout the school year to let you know what is happening in school.

Please look at the top of this page for all of the great learning that has taken place during previous years.

Week beginning 9th September

We've been developing our descriptive writing in English this week, learning how to write and describe by giving clues about settings and characters which is quite tricky. We had to think about how we could give a personality away without saying what the character was like. Then, we tried to put the characters into a setting. In maths, we've been reviewing arithmetic methods and are ready to start challenging ourselves with some decimal work from next week which we are finding quite tricky. We continued learning about pop art and Andy Warhol, designing and creating prints. We also created our own onomatopoeia artwork in the style of another pop artist, Lichtenstein. D:side came in on Friday to teach us all about drug and alcohol awareness and safety as part of our curriculum. We all enjoyed our choosing time in the sun.

What a start to year 6 the class are having!

Week beginning 2nd September

What a fantastic start to the new year year 6 have had this week. Everyone has really taken to the responsibility of being the oldest in the school and setting a good example for others. We've had good attendance, punctuality and lots of house points given for good work and effort. In English we've been practising the basic skills we need to use in writing along with practising on joins in handwriting. In maths, we've been revising place value looking at ways we can answer different questions about values of integers and decimals. Our main focus this week has been art around our class artist Andy Warhol. We've looked at portraits he created as well as his famous soup cans before designing and creating our own using a variety of media. We all enjoyed our choosing time as a great way to end the week - we are really looking forward to this year!