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This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

While school is closed, your class teacher will add regular challenges to keep you thinking. There is also a separate page with school closure information and lots of great learning tasks. Please click on the link below.

Final Year 6 learning challenge week commencing 13th July

New learning challenges week beginning 6th July

New learning challenges week beginning 29th June

New learning challenges week beginning 22nd June

Farm Visit

New learning challenges week beginning 15th June

New learning challenges week beginning 8th June

New learning challenges week beginning 1st June

New learning challenges week beginning 18th May

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New learning challenges week beginning 27th April

New learning challenges week beginning 20th April

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well, are keeping safe and have had a nice 'Easter break'. I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since we saw most of you last and even longer for some of you!

I hope you've been keeping busy with different activities over this time and are looking after your physical and mental health. There is such an amazing collection of resources being put on the internet each day it's hard to keep up with them all. I took a virtual trip to Chester zoo the other week to look at and learn about their animals. 

I set myself a goal of reading more on that last day before we closed and I'm about to start my fifth book since then! Remember reading daily will really boost those basic skills as well as stimulate your imagination. I've also done more running but not every day as it seems to take a longer time for my legs to recover after each run! 

I'll keep setting myself targets for the day and week ahead - my to do list is certainly making me feel like I've accomplished something. 

Below are a series of activities to attempt this week. Remember, if you send pictures and messages to the school email, we'll put them onto our website!

Mr K smiley

Learning challenges week beginning 30th March

A message for year 6 parents

Week beginning 2nd March

This week we continued with our work on angles in different shapes including quadrilaterals. In English we started writing a narrative based on the Pixar short film the Paperman. We worked hard on using details to interest the reader and express the characters' emotions. In science we learnt about adaptation of living things to their environments but also their habitats. 

We had some fantastic potatoes for World Book Day. Well done to Caryn for winning from year 6 with a great Willy Wonka potato. 


Week beginning 23rd February

We've hit the ground running this week with a focus on angles and how we can use our understanding of shapes to calculate missing angles on a straight line, around a full turn, in triangles and quadrilaterals. In history, we were introduced to the Ancient Maya and used pictures from the topic to try and infer as well as to develop a series of questions about what we would like to know. In Geography, we looked at the "lungs of the Earth" - the Amazon Rainforest - and how important it is to our planet which led into some really mature discussions about our planet. 

We can't wait to see the entries for the World Book Day potato challenge set as homework this week. Keep an eye out for pictures on our website of the entries.

Week beginning 3rd February

In maths this week we've been learning how to calculate percentages which we found hard at first. It was tricky to pick for well done assembly because everyone has been so resilient in learning a new process and skill but Harrie-Mae really showed great enthusiasm and determination this week and has shown excellent progress in this mini-topic of maths. 

Our topic work has linked to English where we had conducted research last week linked to a country of South America. From this research, we drafted, edited and then published our very own travel brochures to persuade people to come to countries of South America. We also learned about the 4 layers of the Amazon and some of the animals that live there. We were surprised to learn at how dark it was at the forest floor because of all the leaves forming a canopy above it.


Week beginning 27th January

This week we have become travel agents, given the task to create a tourist information leaflet for a country of South America. In our groups, we've had to research the country and specific topics we'd like to know about. We are going to draft and publish these leaflets next week before presenting them.

We have been learning all about equivalents in maths this week using our understanding of equivalent fractions and decimals to apply to percentages which is a new topic. Next week, we'll be looking at percentages and finding percentages of amounts. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in blue and yellow day in aid of the Rob Burrow fund in researching MND - the day was topped off with a visit from Ronnie!


Our poetry books have arrived!

This week in science we looked at how to classify living things using their features and characteristics. First we had a go at classifying year 6 using characteristics such as eye colour, glasses and age. After this we used some classification flow charts to classify arthropods we found in the school grounds. 

Classifying Arthropods

Classifying year 6

Week beginning 13th January

This week we have been recapping our learning on converting measures for mass, capacity and length. We soon got the hang of it and completed lots of multi-step word problems. 

In our South America topic we were looking at the populations of the countries in South America. Brazil had the highest population at over 200 million people!

In art we used some photos of rainforest wildilfe and vegetation to draw pictures in pastels. They were fantastic! Take a look below. 

Rainforest art

Pasta sauce making

Week beginning 6th January

Happy New Year everyone! A great week back in year 6 this week. We've started our new topic of South America and the children were given the challenge of naming and locating the countries and capital cities before matching the appropriate flags. In English, we've been exploring how character interaction can aid the development with a story, using our creative minds to create characters and settings whilst maintaining discussions. We've had fantastic attitudes and organisation with the overnight homework that has been sent - there's some more which has been sent over the weekend due Monday.

Week beginning 16th December

What a great week to end the term. We used water colours really effectively to create our calendars - our focus was four seasons and trees. We learned how you can use and manipulate the brush for different effects and we hope you really like the final products! We concluded our class novel by watching the film and it made some of us cry but we loved it. Christmas dinner was delicious as ever and we had great fun at our Christmas party on Thursday. It was really sad to say goodbye to Miss Caine but we are so happy for her and wish her the best of luck at her new school! 

Our favourite part of the week is always the Christmas singalong which was packed and it was so good to see everyone. The children deserve a rest as they've been fantastic this term! An exciting term is ahead of us but, first, have the best Christmas! Mr K and Miss Davis smiley

Week beginning 9th December

On Monday, we took over year 1 for a reading hour which we loved. We listened to the year 1s read first before they chose a book for us to read to them. There are some pictures below of our session.

We started our week revising symmetry using mirrors to copy patterns over mirror lines. From here, we've gone on to develop a much better understanding of translation across axis. In English this week we have had a revision session on grammatical terms looking at word classes, punctuation and how to make writing concise. 

We absolutely loved the performances this week and want to say a huge congratulations to all of foundation and KS1 for the fantastic shows they put on! We can't believe it's the last week before Christmas next week - a very busy, but incredibly exciting, week ahead. 

Reading with Year 1

Week beginning 25th November

We've been writing diaries from the perspective of evacuees during the war in some cross-curricular writing this week. We reflected on our trip the other week as well as the story of Goodnight Mr Tom which we watched. After creating our own luggage tags last week, we began to think about the journey children went on to keep them safe during WWII. It must have been a really hard time not knowing where you were going or who you were staying with we concluded. This linked with our topic work where we were given the task to create a group poster about the Blitz, air raids or the Battle of Britain which were very closely linked. 

We loved making pasta on Monday and will begin to design our dishes to cook in the coming weeks. In PE, we have worked on our hockey skills which we are getting more confident with. The Christmas fair is always great fun but we can't believe it's December next week! 

Pasta making - Monday 25th November

Week beginning 11th November

We really enjoyed our trip on Tuesday to the holocaust centre in Huddersfield University. We started to learn about the start of WWII and how Britain became involved in the war, making links with WWI. When we got to the centre, we had a look at some artefacts which were special things of some of the holocaust survivors. We had a look around the exhibition and read more information about the journeys that some of the people went on to escape. We then looked at pictures of people and had to use clues to find the images within the exhibition to work out what was actually going on by reading the captions. We asked lots of good questions and were particularly interested in the 'striped pyjamas' which a survivor had contributed to show. We had a great time and found it really interesting! 


Week beginning 4th November

What a week! We came back on our first few days and had a blast learning how to ride safely with the bikeability team. We all practised on the playground on Monday then those who passed stage 1 went out on to the roads on Tuesday and Wednesday where we learned safe maneuvers on the road and went for a cycle. In school, we've been learning all about the end of WWI and remembrance. We read poems and created our own remembrance art which you can see below. Year 6 did a fantastic job representing school when called upon with our special visitor at the start of the week. We ended the week watching Goodnight Mr Tom - a classic war film to help prepare us for our trip next week. 

Week beginning 21st October

We absolutely loved the science assembly on Tuesday (although it was VERY loud!). We had to conduct our own research in maths to then use in our ICT session. We had to collect data before putting it into a spreadsheet to create a graph or chart using excel. In English this week, we've been looking at phrases and clauses leading in to a recount piece of writing. We used our understanding of mental health, learned in PSHE and presented in our assembly, to write letters of advice. In topic, we learned about the Battle of the Somme - one of the bloodiest battles of WWI. 

It's been an incredibly long half term and we've worked super hard. We are excited to see what projects we receive this year for homework. Remember, it's bikeability starting the first week back from Monday to Wednesday so children need warm clothes ready for activity. Have a great half term! Mr K smiley

Testing what happens when we set fire to a hydrogen filled balloon

Week beginning 14th October

We worked incredibly hard to produce our assembly over the last week and we really put our message across on how to stay healthy. We have a great understanding of how we can keep healthy mentally which has been our PSHE topic and we linked this to our topic and reading books this week when we learned all about the effects of war on soldiers - especially after WWI and shellshock. In maths this week we've continued with our development and understanding of solving multi-step problems. 

We loved the KS1 harvest festival and want to say a huge well done to all the younger children for a fantastic performance! 

Week beginning 7th October

In maths, this week, we've been learning a new skill of giving answers as fractions and decimals when dividing. It's taken a lot of resilience and practise of the new skill but we're starting to be more accurate. Now, we are working on multi-step problems and having to choose how to give our remainder. In PE we've been working on ball skills, putting our practise of a skill into developing personal best as well as applying the skills in games. 

We've had a week revising and planning our assembly which is going to be all about keeping healthy. We won't spoil it for you but are looking forward to presenting it on Tuesday at 10am.

Week beginning 30th September

We learned about the difficult choices men had to make in war this week and what life was like for soldiers. We learned that if men didn't sign up, they were conscripted a few years later. Our stay where you are and then leave reading group had a good understanding of what happened if then they still refused like Joe Patience - a character in our story who they call 'the conchie'. The men who refused were called conscientious objectors and were viewed as cowards by many. We did some reading for work to research what life was like for soldiers before choosing how to present our understanding.

Multiplication has been our focus in maths this week and we are really trying to build our consistency in applying a method in number work and when problem solving. We've got a great idea from Parna to remember Jimmy (our place value holder 0 when xTU) which has helped some of us. In English we've been writing letter from the perspective of our characters in our groups novels. 

Reading books are going home tonight so don't forget to try and read some every day. The learning log task is to present what you have read through a summary.

Week beginning 23rd September

It's been history week in school this week and we have been reflecting on what we learned in year 5. We remembered all about Vikings and the longboats they used as well as their writing which they called runes. Some of us made posters about Ancient Greece and had a great knowledge on the gods and goddesses they believed in, like Zeus and Hades, as well as the myths and legends. Some of the posters will be used on our school timeline in the hall. In maths this week, we've been looking at how to solve multi-step problems when adding and subtracting. We've got much better at finding missing information which is there to trick us. In our ICT session, we began inputting data to excel spreadsheets and explore functions. 

Week beginning 16th September

What an exciting week we've had ending in our first ever colour run which saw year 6 help run the event for the rest of the school after they'd participated themselves. As part of our colour day, we looked at language, specifically similes and metaphors using colour to create clear descriptions of characters and settings. We then explored colour using a wide range of media to create some pictures in pairs using different techniques. 

In maths, we've developed a better understanding of place value decimals when ordering them and have begun to look at negative numbers. 

Week beginning 9th September

We've been developing our descriptive writing in English this week, learning how to write and describe by giving clues about settings and characters which is quite tricky. We had to think about how we could give a personality away without saying what the character was like. Then, we tried to put the characters into a setting. In maths, we've been reviewing arithmetic methods and are ready to start challenging ourselves with some decimal work from next week which we are finding quite tricky. We continued learning about pop art and Andy Warhol, designing and creating prints. We also created our own onomatopoeia artwork in the style of another pop artist, Lichtenstein. D:side came in on Friday to teach us all about drug and alcohol awareness and safety as part of our curriculum. We all enjoyed our choosing time in the sun.

What a start to year 6 the class are having!

Printing pop art style

Week beginning 2nd September

What a fantastic start to the new year year 6 have had this week. Everyone has really taken to the responsibility of being the oldest in the school and setting a good example for others. We've had good attendance, punctuality and lots of house points given for good work and effort. In English we've been practising the basic skills we need to use in writing along with practising on joins in handwriting. In maths, we've been revising place value looking at ways we can answer different questions about values of integers and decimals. Our main focus this week has been art around our class artist Andy Warhol. We've looked at portraits he created as well as his famous soup cans before designing and creating our own using a variety of media. We all enjoyed our choosing time as a great way to end the week - we are really looking forward to this year!