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Welcome to your School Council!


Our School Council works hard to ensure that all children have an opportunity to share their ideas and to make changes to their school. The School Council meet regularly, to share ideas and undertake projects. This ensures all children have a VOICE, they all SHARE ideas and they all help to IMPROVE their school.

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Picture 1 Harry-James
Picture 2 Ruby
Picture 3 William
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Picture 5 Jasmine
Picture 6 Joshua
Picture 7 Tyrelle
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Picture 9 Caitlin
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Do you have a suggestion for the school council? See you class councillor or fill in the form below.

Pupil Voice in the Community


Jacob and Lilli-Mae attended a workshop with the Outer West Community Committee (a group made up of Councillors from Outer West Leeds). Here they spoke about activities and what we like to do what we would like to see in the area and how we would spend the money that is allocated to activities by Leeds City Council. Due to their great input, Jacob and Lilli-Mae were invited to attend the Outer West Youth Panel. Here they meet with other children and young people from Outer West along with Youth Workers and again discuss activities going on in the area, what is missing, and funding bids that have been submitted by local providers asking for funds to create activities in the areas.


If you have any suggestions for how to improve Farnley, let Jacob or Lille-Mae know.

Picture 1 Jacob contributing to the meeting.
Picture 2 Lilli-Mae reading through the funding bids.

The School Council attended the Govering Body meeting to find out what it was like

The School Council attended the Govering Body meeting to find out what it was like 1

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