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When working with numbers, the best way to understand them is by using them in lots of different contexts. There are lots of different online learning opportunities to help enrich the maths curriculum and these will be posted here.

Learn about money with Natwest - free online moneysense resource

This is a great resource and has been recommended by Elishia. We have used these resources in school before and the children love classroom based learning on the topic. Why not try and have a go at some of the activities at home.



NCETM online learning

The NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) is a company who delivers CPD to professionals and support in school. They are delivering online lessons for KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 including the teaching of mastery. They may use completely different methods (such as Singapore and Shanghai) bar modelling which we do not teach but it is another excellent free, progressive and focussed resource that you can access at home to support online learning.



Times Tables Rock Stars battle results week 5

Monet win again; Hockney demolish the staff (who have had a very busy week with other distractions so we'll let them off); and Picasso beat Hepworth this week. 


Team 1    vs   Team 2
Warhol (Y6) 643 vs 1,263 Monet (Y2)
Staff 0 vs 2,730 Hockney (Y4)
Picasso (Y5) 7,126 vs 6,495 Hepworth (Y3)


Our top scorers this week were:


Top scorers   Points
Warhol Leah 276
  London 143
Monet Abbie 1,263
  Jessica 1,221
Hockney Maisie 1,115
  Lucy 614
Picasso Archie 2,297
  Rachel 2,147
Hepworth Gracie 5,515
  Jack 489


Another outstanding performance from some individuals which is really helping them develop their tables knowledge. Great effort everyone who played this week.

Times Tables Rock Stars battle results week 4

The staff have finally got a win under their belt; it's payback for Picasso who win against Hockney; and Monet just can't stop winning!


Team 1    vs   Team 2
Warhol (Y6) 1,430 vs 2,334 Staff
Hockney (Y4) 4,400 vs 8,133 Picasso (Y5)
Monet (Y2) 6,057 vs 4,492 Hepworth (Y3)


Well done to the top scorers below. Gracie is a Rock Queen and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to points on the leaderboard! Well done to everyone who took part this week.

Top scorers   Points
Warhol  Lucas 1,241
  Mason 115
Staff Mr K 1,209
  Mrs Smith 1,125
Hockney Zackray 1,338
  Maisie 1,077
Picasso Archie 3,005
  William 2,849
Monet Abbie 2,563
  Jessica 1,364
Hepworth Gracie 3,053
  Jack 622

Times Tables Rock Stars battle results week 3

Another excellent week of battling. Results below:


Team 1    vs   Team 2
Monet (Y2) 9,134 vs 5,904 Hockney (Y4)
Hepworth (Y3) 6,002 vs 4,099 Staff
Picasso (Y5) 5,724 vs 5,128 Warhol (Y6)


It was Monet who got a hat-trick of wins! Great effort from year 2 who remain unbeaten. Warhol and Picasso swapped positions 4 times in the last two hours with Picasso just nicking the win. Staff are still winless - I think we need to have a team talk! 


Top scorers   Points
Hockney Ruby 1,839
  Zack 1,339
Monet Moesha 3,054
  Jessica 1,684
Staff Mrs Henderson 2,553
  Mrs Smith 1,050
Hepworth Gracie 5,009
  Jack 258
Picasso Riley 3,043
  Archie 1,922
Warhol Mckauly 2,834
  Lucas 830


Huge shoutout to Gracie who has been top scorer for Y3 in every battle so far! A few familiar names on the top scorers lists also. Well done if you made it this week and even bigger well done if this is your 2nd or 3rd time!!


New battles commence Monday

Times Tables Rock Stars battle results week 2

In our second week of battles, there was one close contest and two clear winners in the 3 competitions as you can see below. 


Team 1    vs   Team 2
Warhol (Y6) 1,160 vs 12,107 Monet (Y2)
Staff 1,507 vs 3,241 Hockney (Y4)
Picasso (Y5) 6,883 vs 7,722 Hepworth (Y3)



Well done to Hockney and Monet for their second wins in a row! Hepworth won their really close battle with year 5 too! Well done to everyone who took part this week. I'll be having a rousing word with the staff team for next weeks battle!!

The top 2 scorers from each team were:


Top scorers   Points
Warhol Caryn 471
  Leah 239
Monet Nyle 3,821
  Jessica 3,505
Staff Mrs Smith 1,389
  Mr D 118
Hockney Yassine 1,007
  Lucy 697
Picasso Riley 3,280
  Archie 2,582
Hepworth Gracie 6,892
  Jack 435

Times Tables Rock Stars battle results week 1

What a week of battling on TTRS! Some competitions going right down to the wire. Some incredibly high individual scores too to help their team be successful in the battle. See below for winners and results.


Team 1    vs   Team 2
Warhol (Y6) 16,672   W vs 15,859 Staff
Hockney (Y4) 10,529   W vs 6,098 Picasso (Y5)
Monet (Y2) 17,466   W vs 10,479 Hepworth (Y3)


Well done to Warhol, Hockney and Monet for winning their battles! Well done to everyone who took part this week. The top 2 scorers from each team were:


Top scorers    
Warhol  Mckauly 6,986 points
  Lucas 5,099 points
Staff Mrs Henderson 5,634 points
  Mrs Smith 3,593 points
3,886 points
  Lucy 2,337 points
Picasson Joseph  1,918 points
  Riley 1,871 points
Monet Jessica 6,702 points
  Moesha 2,893 points
Hepworth Gracie 7,590 points
  Jackson  1,280 points


A new battle will commence week beginning 20th April. 



Can you remove six matchsticks to make 10?

Can you use reasoning to find out the values of the animals? When you have finished, use the questions at the bottom to discuss the reasoning and process you went through.

Can you fill in the gaps using your understanding of number and inverses?

This challenge is all about number. Try and encourage children to write this down in their home learning books or, for younger children, write it out for them to fill in the missing gaps. Ask them to reason about how they will solve it and do some verbal thinking explaining how they are finding the missing numbers. 

Can you work out how much the fruit is worth?

How many squares can you see?

At what number is the car parked?