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Class Teachers: Mrs Ramoth, Mrs Hawcroft and Miss Wright


This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.


Week Commencing 3rd June: 

Welcome back everyone! We have had a great first week back and the children have loved our new topic Beside the Seaside! They have enjoyed playing in our beach hut making ice creams, becoming pilots in the travel agents and exploring the rock pool in the water tray.
Nursery went on a nature walk as part of our maths learning. We collected different sticks and then lined them up from tallest to shortest. We also read Billy’s Bucket and found a magic bucket of our own. We looked inside and everyone saw something different. Some children saw mermaids, fish, sharks, cats, worms and lots more!

Reception have drawn seaside pictures and written captions using their phonics knowledge. 

We’ve got lots of exciting events and trips coming up this half term, we hope everyone is ready! ☺️

Week Commencing 20th May:

Happy half term everyone! We've had a busy half term exploring our topic all about food. We have been very lucky so far with the beautiful, sunny weather fingers crossed it continues! 

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our bake sale. It was a great success and we will hopefully be able to do it again next term to continue raising money for our classrooms. 

Have a lovely break and we will see you all back on Tuesday 4th June. Our next topic is the Seaside in which we will be exploring past holidays, sea creatures, boats, sun safety and lots more! We also have lots of exciting events coming up such as our class trips, sports day, colour run and beach day!

smiley Our well done certificates went to all the children in Early Years for having such a wonderful half term and working hard for our bake sale. 

smiley Our always people were Annie and Abdul. 

Week commencing 13th May:

We have had an exciting week this week in Early Years, with the arrival of the chick eggs! The children were amazed to watch the eggs were the staff! We're all looking forward to lots of cuddles with them next week. 

Quick reminder, please ensure jumpers and cardigans are named, we have lots of items in lost property. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Week Commencing 6th May: 

This week in Early Years we have made the most of the beautiful, sunny weather by spending lots of time outside. The children have enjoyed mixing flowers and leaves in the mud kitchen, building cars and houses out of blocks and climbing on the equipment. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy the sun!

smiley Our well done certificates went to Lottie for always being lovely and kind and Vito and Khadija for being brave and settling into school life. 
smiley Our always people were Oliver and Tobias. 

Week commencing 29th April 

We have had a lovely week in early years this week, we made the most of the sunny weather and spent lots of time in our outside area. Nursery went on a triangle hunt and Reception spent lots of time making patterns and arrangements of loose parts. 

smiley Our well done certificates went to Valentina for her progress in phonics and Alyssa for her resilient attitude

smiley Our always people are Jordan and Lucius

Week Commencing 22nd April:

We've had a lovely week spending lots of time outside building dens, enjoying water play and making food in the mud kitchen. The children also enjoyed playing in the supermarket and cafe role play areas. 

smiley Our well done certificates went to Aurora for having a great first week in Nursery, Lily-Mae for always being a kind friend and helping, and Milan for her excellent phonics work. 


Week Commencing 15th April: 

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a lovely, restful break and are ready for our next topic focusing on healthy food and wellbeing. 
This week we celebrated the circus and the children had the opportunity to take part in a circus skills workshop on Wednesday. They learnt how to spin plates, balance feathers and a number of hoola hoop tricks. 
smiley Our well done certificates went to Harley and Eva for their excellent maths work on 3D shapes. Harper was chosen for her tightrope and clown drawing during circus week. 
smiley Our always people were Tobias and Ava for a sliver badge. 

Week Commencing 25th March: 

Happy Easter holidays everyone! We’ve had a great last week in Early Years with an Easter egg hunt on Wednesday and Cobden’s got talent on Thursday. It was amazing to see the Nursery and Reception children on stage enjoying singing and dancing. They all had a big smile on their faces and showed lots of confidence. Have a wonderful 2 week break and we will see you all in April for our new topic Fantastic Food! 
smiley Our pupils of the term were Zhira for being a ray of sunshine and brightening our classroom

smiley Benas for being an always person and trying his best 

smiley Darcey for always having a positive attitude and trying hard in everything she does

smiley Kyra for being a kind friend and always doing the right thing. 

Week Commencing 18th March: 

smiley Our well done certificates went to Freya for confidently playing and making new friends and Scarlett and Lia 

smiley Our always people were a gold for Harper-Rae and silver for Annie

Week Commencing 11th March: 

This week was science week and our scientist was Jane Goodall! We have loved learning about her investigations into monkeys and their way of living. She is a very inspiring person! We came up with questions we would like to ask her about her life and monkeys like “What do monkeys like to eat?” and “ Where do the monkeys live?” 
We also explored environmental science and went on a nature walk around the school grounds. We discussed the changes in seasons and collected some leaves and sticks. We used the items we collected to create a tree picture! Whilst on our walk we noticed lots of rubbish and litter on the grass. So on Thursday we decided to help by using litter pickers to clean up the rubbish. We discussed the importance of putting rubbish in the bin to help protect the local wildlife. What a busy week! 
smileyOur well done certificates went to Robyn, Emily and Tobias for their work and questions during science week. 
smileyOur silver always people were Queenie and Nandini. 

Reading Class swap with Year 3 and 4

Week Beginning 4th March: 

Happy world book week everyone! We had a fun story filled week with a pj day and reading class swap on Tuesday with Year 3 and 4. It was lovely to see so many parents and families come to Early Years on Thursday afternoon to read with their children. 
smiley Our well done certificates went to Ava for her participation in carpet sessions, Jordan for his mark making and DJ for his interactions with adults. 
smiley Our always badges went to Benjamim and a gold for Zhira. 

Week beginning 26th February:

smileyOur well done certificates went to Brix for following instructions well and Eva for her sequencing in maths and being a kind friend. 
smiley Our silver always person was Darcey and gold for Robyn. 

Week beginning 19th February: 

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a lovely, restful half term break. The children have happily settled back into school life and are enjoying our new topic “New Life”. The additions of a florist, farm small world, doctors office and Spring trays have all been explored and discovered well by the children. We look forward to learning more about plants, animals, minibeasts and Spring together over the next few weeks. 
smiley Our well done certificates went to Benas for his excellent reasoning in maths and Delisha and Roman for settling well into our school. 
smileyOur always people were Luna and Eva. 

Week Beginning 5th February:

smiley Our well done certificates went to Harper-Rae for her excellent work in phonics and Kyra for being a kind friend. 

smiley Our always people were Queenie and Delisha. 

We all enjoyed our last week together before half term. On Wednesday we celebrated pancake day early. The children enjoyed decorating their pancakes with chocolate spread, syrup and fruit. We have also been making Valentine's Day cards this week for someone special in our lives. 

Happy half term everyone! We hope you enjoy the break and come back fresh ready for our new topic "New Life". 

Week beginning 29th January 2024:

smiley Our well done certificates went to Luna for her excellent participation in Nursery carpet sessions, Lily-Mae for her lovely smile and attitude to school and Valentina for trying really hard in her writing. 
smiley Our always people were Esmae- Vanessa and a Gold badge for Benas! 
 We hope everyone has a lovely, restful weekend ready for the last week of school before half term. Next week we will be exploring a few upcoming celebrations like Pancake Day, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year. 

Visit from a paramedic (Mr Hawcroft)

Week commencing 22nd January: 

We had a busy and fun week in Early years. As part of art week we focused on mindful art. Reception expressed themselves using lots of different art resources to make a “happy” picture. In Nursery we read the story Worrysaurus and discussed how when we feel scared or nervous we get a butterfly feeling in our tummies. We discussed things that make us happy to chase the butterfly away. We then painted a big butterfly and made small ones when our families came to visit. The children produced some amazing work well done! 
On Thursday we had a visit from Mr Hawcroft to tell us all about being a paramedic. He brought some exciting clothes to dress up in which the children loved! 

smiley Our well done certificates went to Isaac, Tobias and Robyn for their wonderful art work during art week. 
smiley Our always people were Ava and Lia. 

Week Commencing 15th January 2024:

smiley Our Always People are Teddy-Lee and Alyssa

smiley Our well done certificates went to Nandini and Zhira

Week Commencing 8th January 2024:

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a lovely break and enjoyed the Christmas celebrations. This half term our topic is Dinosaurs! The children have all really enjoyed exploring our new provision areas including the Fossil Dig Site and Dinosaur small worlds. 

smiley Our well done certificates went to George, Queenie, Esmae-Rose and Fola

smiley Our always people were Scarlett and Benas 



Week Beginning 18th December: 

smiley Our pupils of the term were Nella, Zeren, Harper Hiscoe and Benjamim 


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! See you all in 2024!



Week Beginning 11th December:

smiley Our well done certificates went to all children in Foundation Stage for their excellent Nativity Performance!

smiley Our always people were Zeren and Yaman 

Week beginning 4th December: 

smiley Our well done certificates went to Yaman and Robyn 

smiley Our always people were Nandini and Zhira 

Week beginning 27th November:
Christmas has come to Early Years!
The children were excited to see that the Christmas Elf has turned our classrooms into a winter wonderland! We have had lots of fun exploring the new areas such as the winter train track and wrapping station. We also put on some Christmas music and decorated our Christmas trees. 
We made the most of the frosty weather too and went for a winter walk. The children loved crunching the ice and were challenged to find the frostiest leaf! 
In the afternoon we recorded our Christmas song “ Jingle Bells” the children did a great job and remembered all of the words.


smiley Our Always people this week are Tobias and Robyn

smiley Our well done certificates went to Scarlett and Harper Rae



Week Beginning 20th November:

smiley Our well done certificates went to Darcey, Esmae-Vanessa and Teddy-Lee

smiley Our always people were Harper and Harper-Rae 

Week Beginning 6th November:

smiley Our well done certificates went to Ava and Alyssa 

smiley Our always people were Freya and Milan 

Busy Half Term!

What a busy first half term we have had in Early Years! The children have really enjoyed and been fully engaged in our topic Amazing Me! We have discussed our similarities and differences, and drawn amazing self portraits. During circle times we discussed what we want to do when we are older, who is in our families and how we have changed since we were babies. The children have produced lots of art work showing of their creative skills including family portraits, colourful collages and amazing paintings. We also discussed feelings and looked at Zones of Regulation which the children have become familiar with using. 

During recycling week the children created musical instruments out of boxes, bottles, cups etc. It was lovely to invite so many parents in to see their creations. 

On Wednesday this week the children enjoyed dressing up as different figures from history. They all looked incredible! Well done to Luna and Lily-Mae for winning best dressed! smiley

Over the 8 weeks we have discussed the changes in weather from Summer to Autumn. The children noticed the changes in the leaves, temperature and weather. 

Next half term we move on to our next topic, Festivals! We will be exploring different festivals and celebrations including Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Diwali leading up to Christmas. 

From everyone in Foundation Stage, we wish you all a very happy half term. Enjoy the rest and we will see you all back fresh for another term. 

Week beginning 16th October:

smiley Our well done certificates went to Harper-Rae, Vito and Emily 

smiley Our always people were Zhira and Nandini

Week Beginning 9th October:

smiley Our well done certificates went to Luna, Benjamim and Isaac 

smiley Our always people were Ava and Emily 

Week Beginning 2nd October: 

smiley Our well done certificates went to Tobias, Milan and Robyn 

smiley Our always people were Kyra and Harper-Rae 

Week Beginning 25th September

smiley Our Well done certificates went to Lucius, Isaac and Eva!

smiley Our always people are Teddy-Lee and Darcey-Leigh!

First Few Weeks:

We've had a lovely first few weeks of the school year welcoming back children into Reception and Nursery. It has been a pleasure to meet and get to know the children who have joined our Early Years Unit in both classes. They have made amazing progress settling in and making lots of new friends. We have enjoyed playing outside (dodging the rain!), exploring the new areas in Nursery and Reception and getting creative with self portraits! What a great start we've had to the year ahead! smiley

Week Beginning 18th September:

smiley Our Well done certificates went to Harry, Lia and Zeren

smiley Our Always people were Benjamim and Robyn 

Week Beginning 11th September

smiley Our well done certificates went to Harley, Jordan, Freya and Benas

Week Commencing 4th September:

A warm welcome back to Nursery and Reception, we have had a lovely first week back and are so proud of how well the children have settled into the new school year. 


smiley Our Always people this week are Lia and Benas

smiley Our Well Done certificates were awarded to Annie, Esmae-Rose, and Zhira