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What have you been doing at home?

During the period of time children will be at home learning, we'd love to see what they have been up to. Remember to send in your activities to our school email and we'll share your excellent ideas with the rest of the school community.

Jack and Archie sound like they've had another busy week!

They have been very busy making a circus tent from cardboard,with a little help from Dad. They have also made some salt dough, we all put our hand prints into it then painted them once it was baked. 

They have been doing lots of fun learning,Jack is working really hard on his reading and maths and Archie is doing great with his rockstar timestables! 

They are really missing their friends and teachers. 

Stay safe everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š


That's great to hear that they are being so creative as well as having a focus on some important learning in reading and maths. The tent sounds awesome - have they performed their own show in it? We'd love to see that! We really miss you guys too - in fact we're missing everyone right now! It's really difficult not seeing everyone's smiling faces each morning! 

A message from Ruby and Ellis' mum

Good afternoon all, apart from still coming to school (which we can’t be more grateful for!) we have also been trying to do a few activities at home, Ruby has gained a pen pal, walked the dog and found some new places just over the road from us! Ellis has planted seeds and cleaned his bike as well as both completing some work sheets I’ve printed from Twinkl !
Thanks teachers @ Cobden for all your hard work!!


Thank you so much for your very kind message! The staff have been working incredibly hard but have loved working with all the children who are still coming in. Ruby and Ellis have been superb in school each day and we didn't realise how much they've been doing out of school too! Where do they get the energy from?

In school, we've been making guinea pig toys

We used cardboard boxes to create new toys for our guinea pigs! They loved them and we loved watching them test the toys out! 

A message from Zack and his family

A message from Zack and family

Hello all! 


We hope you are keeping safe and well. 

Zack has been a little superstar since the school has closed. Mum was really busy trying to finish her qualification the first week, and Zack has been busy with his work books mum bought, online learning and reading! This week, we have done some baking and mummy got spoilt for her birthday yesterday. We have done painting and clay work as well as writing Easter cards to care homes to spread some joy. There is a list of homes on a Facebook page called postcards of kindness. 

Mum has started her new job this week- and Zack is doing a great job of being good and quiet when he needs to be. 

We have started to mix up our PE sessions by doing some kids yoga on YouTube (bit of a break for poor mums knees!) we are also hoping to start to grow some plants in the garden this week. 


Look forward to seeing everybody’s updates and sending all our best wishes to the key workers and hard working teachers and staff. 


All the best, 


The Nicholsons 


You have been busy, Zack, I hope your mum had a great birthday - make sure she looks after her knees, I feel her pain!

Abbie has been busy again!

Abbie has enjoyed listening to the David Walliams stories each day and spending lots of time in the garden. We have created a colourful path in the garden, painted our rainbow on the window, helped do some DIY work, rescued a tired bee, done lots of dancing, continued with home learning tasks and been very creative. We have also spent time playing games and watching our favourite films. 

Keep safe 

Abbie and family 


Wow, Abbie, you have been busy and creative - I bet the tired bee was very grateful for your help!

The Pawsons have been having lots of fun!

recorded-7561305467443 (1).MP4

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Just a quick message from William, Jack & Summer Pawson they are having lots of fun at home but still miss all their friends and teachers at Cobden and can't wait to get back. They are learning lots of fun things and also have a fabulous new teaching assistant named Princess (their adorable but rather mischievous little dog) please see pictures/videos attached.


We miss you too, William, Jack and Summer. I think we'll have to see if we have a teaching assistant vacancy for Princess when we get back to school - she's very cute!

Mason and Lincoln have been busy again.

Mason and Lincoln have got through all of the homework pack that was sent home and a lot of the work on the computer too!, 

They have being working very hard. Mason has worked so hard he has given himself a break ;) and Lincoln is doing super and can't wait to show off his work and activities to Miss Sheldon. 


I think we all deserve a break this weekend, Mason and Lincoln, I'm sure Miss Sheldon can't wait to see your work, she'll be very proud of you!

Flynn's been hatching ducks!!!

A message from Flynn's mum

"Flynn has been busy making a duck diary for when he goes back to school to hopefully show his teachers and friends. So far he has hatched 3 Indian Runner Ducks successfully out of a total of 10, we are waiting for 2 more to hatch today and the other 5 should hatch next week.

He wanted to show Miss Sykes as he was very excited about these ducks before he left school! ๐Ÿฆ† ๐Ÿฆ† ๐Ÿฆ†"


Wow! How cute are they? What exciting times it must be watching those hatch. We'd love to hear what you name them all once they are hatched!



Alannah has been helping mum bake chocolate muffins and they've also made masks and finger puppets. She pretended she was a superhero whilst playing in the garden during the afternoon and telling the story of the three little pigs. 


Sounds like you've been really creative with your time Alannah! Those chocolate muffins sound delicious too laugh



The several children who are still in school have created great artwork, been on a bug hunt and made their own bug hotels.
Kelsey has been looking after her little sister. She has also been enjoying the sunny weather, practising her skipping and creating dance routines.
Picture 1

A message from Max's family

Here is some of Max's activities.

PE with Joe Wicks.

Physics with dad in the garden.

Making sealife creatures after watching Shark and turtle feeding live on You Tube


Hope everyone is okay.


Take care


The Whites.


Wow, Max, you have been busy! I really like your sea life creatures!

A message from Mason and Lincoln's mum

Mason and Lincoln went for some exercise early  in the morning to prevent bumping into anyone as advised to do so. They ran off some steam at the same time as doing team work on their spring walk around our local area. They then came home and drew pictures of what they had seen and Mason evenn wrote a few things down! He had remembered the 5 senses and tried to write a sentence to cover each. 


That's great to hear, Mason and Lincoln, you have been learning lots and working as a brilliant team!

Leah has been very busy!

Mrs Hunter has been dancing with her dogs but itโ€™s all got a bit too much for poor Ronnie!

Mrs Hunter has been dancing with her dogs but itโ€™s all got a bit too much for poor Ronnie! 1

A message from Abbie

Hope you are all well, I'm enjoying my time at home with my family. I have been very busy doing my home learning, my daily exercises, helping cook, playing outside and checking that my elderly family is safe and got everything they need.

I'm going to paint a rainbow on my window and keep doing my work and having fun. 

For my snacks my mum has given me £1.00 a day to spend on snacks at home. 

I hope you are all staying safe and well. 

From Abbie W๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€


You look like you're working incredibly hard Abbie! We think it's great that you're looking out for others in a time they most need it smiley

Archie and Jack have been busy raiding their dad's plumbing box and making laser guns. Archie has been learning how to strip a wire and Jack has been busy in the sand. They have even had a movie night in the paddling pool!! They brought it inside and used lots of blankets and pillows to make it cosy. They have also been doing some fun learning and are really enjoying the daily PE lessons with Joe.

Thanks for the update Archie and Jack! Sounds like you're being very creative with your time! We are intrigued by a paddling pool cinema - we hope you emptied the water out of it first? It sounds like the Joe Wicks lessons is popular... How many more of you have attempted it at home?



Caryn and Hooper have been making rainbows ๐ŸŒˆ and have put them in their window ๐ŸŒˆ I wonder how many you can spot around the community if you go out for your daily exercise. Now, that sounds like a challenge!


Sophie, Kacey, Abi and Kurt have been doing a PE lesson... in their kits! I wonder if the next lesson is about how to do the laundry? If not, Mum, there's a tip for you!




Maisie is keeping super busy!

"Maisie has been doing her times tables, practicing her tumbling skills for cheer and also made some gluten free banana bread. Been a good 3 days so far." says mum.

Are those loaves of banana bread available to order? I know we'd love to try some in the staffroom when things get back to normal! Keep up the great work Maisie! 

Mrs Head has been doing PE with Joe Wicks but will try his โ€œworkout for seniorsโ€ next time! ๐Ÿ˜† Her grandsons seem to be doing a better job!

The Seeds have been planting seeds!

Grace and Harvey have been incredibly busy using old scrap wood to make some vegetable patches in the garden. The have helped fix the wood together with nails and screws and, once done, filled them with compost. They've planted vegetables such as: carrots, potatoes, radishes, lettuces, courgettes and peas. 

As well as this, they've been doing some art and design and some Science. 

Looks and sounds like you've been working your socks off!