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COVID-19 closure 2020


With the government enforcing school closures for the majority of children due to Coronavirus, this page will be used for updates and home learning tools. Please also check your children's class pages and our curriculum pages regularly. SCHOOP will be used to notify you when anything has been updated on our site.

Child friendly Leeds certificate for all children

Leeds City Council - letter to parents July 2020

Letter about reopening

Leeds City Council letter to parents

Who can drop off and pick up my child? 

This has been debated by lots of people and some guidance has been unclear and at times contradictory. I was at a virtual meeting with the Local Authority yesterday and the message is that we need to stay as safe as possible so one adult should bring children to school and collect them to avoid lots of adults congregating outside school. In the ideal scenario, this adult should be a parent but we understand this is not always possible so another adult can bring/collect your child when you are unable to do so. This means that there could be cross contamination from different households/settings/bubbles. This will not happen in school but the children in a group may be with children who have been in other groups outside school, so I have to warn you of the risks with this. This also applies to children who are being sent to different settings on school days. 

A message to parents about half term and plans for after half term


Good afternoon,

Today marks the start of what should usually be May half term. School will continue to be open to those children of key workers and those that have social workers over the holiday and a skeleton staff will continue to work.

As it is May half-term, we will not be setting any work next week so you can all have a break. Home learning will continue from 1st June.

Over the past few weeks, we have been creating arrangements for the phased reopening of school. We have posted the arrangements out to everyone today so these should be with you next week and cover our plans for opening for year 6, year 1 and reception in that order. Please remember that, although the government plans were to open schools to all these children on 1st June, this is not something that can be easily followed, and our decisions have been made with the health and safety of our children in mind. School will only be open on 1st and 2nd June to Key worker children and those who were in over half term.

The plans in the letter will still only be put in place once we have confirmation from the government and local authority that it is safe to do so. It is also based on the fact that we can guarantee continued resourcing of cleaning products to keep the school clean as our priority at this time is promoting hygiene, social distancing and sterilisation of areas in which groups will work.

Thank you for all your messages of support so far. We can’t wait to have our whole Cobden family back but we know that you will understand our choices are made, as always, in the best interest of the children.

Have a nice ‘break’

Mrs Head and Mr K smiley




Important information regarding possible opening of schools in June

Information for parents about ordering school uniform from Whittakers

New daily lessons for home learning

You may have seen in the news that BBC were creating a variety of  resources for children to access at home. These are accessible online and can also be found on the red button on TV. It seems each week will have a focus in different areas and the learning has progression of skills as well as a wide variety of activities which will keep children focussed on age appropriate tasks.


There is also an online classroom created by the Oak National Academy, a new resource created by teachers across the country which supported by the government. It is an online virtual classroom offering quizzes and learning through videos and written exercises. There are daily lessons for children in reception all the way through to Year 6 and beyond.



Free School Meal Update - Monday 20th April

Mrs Head had to dye her hair over the weekend as she has gone grey trying to sort this out with Mrs Reynard and Mrs Hunter!

We'll start with the positives - for those families who ordered a hamper, these will be delivered to school tomorrow, Tuesday 21st April. We do not have a delivery time so office staff will call you when they are ready to be collected. The grab bag scheme still continues to run smoothly. Both these services are provided by Catering Leeds and, in our opinion, are still the best option, however, many parents wanted vouchers...........


We have had messages to say our orders for both Evouchers and vouchers to collect from school have been fulfilled. We have fingers crossed as I type this but Evouchers should be emailed to parents tomorrow, Tuesday 21st April. These emails are not from school, they are from a company called Edenred, so please look out for them. If you don't have an email by Wednesday, please let us know and we will try to sort this.

For those parents who asked to collect vouchers from school, we are having problems with this. We have to go onto the website to print them but, as every school in the country is doing the same thing, we cannot access it at the moment. All we can do is keep trying and hope it eventually works! If you did order a voucher to collect, please don't ring school, we will ring you when they are ready.


This whole system is ridiculous and, reading the news and looking at emails from colleagues, it seems all schools are having problems. Please, please do not take out your frustration on school staff as we are as fed up as you are! Our orders have been confirmed so it is now up to the company, who are probably being paid millions of pounds to do this, to complete their side of the proceedings. 

Remember, as well as staying safe, we need to be kind too! blush


If you are really struggling and desperate for food, please contact Mrs Kirby and she can get a food bank voucher, although these are only for emergencies and are usually limited to 1 or 2 per family.

An update on FSM vouchers - Tuesday 7th April 

Unfortunately, due to high demand on the ONE website that is providing vouchers for every school in the UK, we are really struggling to place orders. 

Please be aware that this is not the fault of any staff member and if we do not manage to fulfil these orders we would like your understanding and not your criticism. 

I have even tried ordering in the middle of the night thinking the website might not be busy then - how wrong I was! 

We will continue to try and order these vouchers throughout our holiday but may not be able to get them to you for 20th April.

A message before Easter

Friday 3rd April

To everyone at home,

We hope you are reading this happy and healthy after what has been the most unique time in living memory. Today should have been the end of term and we break up for Easter – I am sure you’re all ready for a break!  

The lack of routine and structure has been difficult for us, as staff, to get used to. We can only imagine it has been the same for you at home to adapt to the situation and aid your child’s development, especially socially and emotionally.

We hope that you have all been able to keep busy and we’d like to say a big thank you and well done for the work you are doing! We miss being able to welcome you all into school and see, and teach, your incredible children on a daily basis. We can only hope that this is over sooner than they expect but can not give any definitive answers until we have them ourselves.

Over the past few weeks, staff have been working incredibly hard both in school and at home. They have been uploading content onto our website and we hope you have had chance to access some of these fantastic free resources that are being published every day.

School would now usually close for 2 weeks over Easter. However, school will continue to be open for children of key workers over the next few weeks - those we want to say a special thank you to for all the incredible work you are doing right now. We will have a few children in each day with a skeleton staff running activities.

There will be no office staff and we have told staff that they will not be working from home as I’m sure you will all agree that they also need a break. This means that there will be no work set over the next 2 weeks and only limited updates on our website.

When school ‘resumes’ on 20th April, we will continue as we have the past few weeks both in school and on our website. Teachers will upload new learning activities at the start of each week.

Hopefully, by then, we will have a clearer idea of where we stand moving forwards for the rest of the academic year. We will keep you updated when we know any more.

Until then, stay safe and look after each other. We hope you have a Happy Easter.


Mrs Head              Mr Kaczmarek 


Some useful websites to use for home learning

Some free daily learning streams online

Wednesday 1st April 2020



The government is starting a new scheme for parents of free school meals pupils to access food vouchers from particular supermarkets. There is also a new option of having a weekly food hamper for your children. We will start this new offer week beginning 20.4.20. Please note: this is for pupils entitled to FSM through benefits and not the universal FSM for all foundation stage and Key Stage One pupils. If your child is not entitled to FSM you do not need to respond to this message.


If you would like to do this we need you tell us what you prefer by sending one of the following to the school email - 


I would like a weekly e voucher sent to my email address. My email address is......


I would like to continue coming to school every day for my grab bags


I would like to start receiving a weekly food hamper instead of a voucher


I would like to collect an e voucher from school because I do not have internet access


Please let us know by Friday 3rd April so that we can start organising this for you.

An Online Safety reminder

Thursday 26th March

A Message to All of Our Wonderful Parents

We have had a lot of calls from parents asking for worksheets and work to be sent home. Please remember that you are not being asked to home school/teach your children, we have been asked as schools to provide creative ideas and suggestions for you to do at home but don't expect you to teach the curriculum. None of this is compulsory, you can let your children play all day, as long as they stay safe, our ideas are here if you need them but it is your choice whether to use them or not.

Some parents are worried about children "falling behind" as their child is doing different things to their friends or children in different schools have different "work". This pandemic is something we have never experienced before, so all children, parents and teachers are doing the best they can and your child will not fall behind. All our suggestions are based on concepts the children already know or are open ended activities with no right or wrong answers. If you were expected to teach your children new concepts, we, as teachers, would be out of a job! Please leave this to us to sort out when we are back at school and don't stress about the "work" your children are doing.

Please don't worry, you are doing a great job supporting your children through a difficult time. We will keep adding ideas, links to websites etc to help you but as we don't use worksheets in school we will not be sending anything out other than the packs that were sent when we closed last week.

It has been great to get emails from families about all the things you have been doing so please keep sending these in to and we will post them on this website. 

Take care, stay safe, keep smiling and don't worry!blush

Mrs Head and Mr Kaczmarek

Leeds city council letter to parents - 23rd March 2020

When else might we close?


We will only close school when it is deemed that it is unsafe to remain open eg, when it is bad weather.


If school is not going to open in the morning, we will send a message through Schoop and we will put a message on the front page of the school website. We will also let Leeds City Council know and they will add our school to their School Closure page. A link can be found here.


If we need to close the school early, we will send a message through Schoop and we will put a message on the school website but also try to contact as many families as possible to ask you to collect your children. This decision is always a difficult one to make and we will only close school early if we are worried that it is not safe to remain at school until the end of the day. 


To make sure you receive the information as quickly as possible, we strongly recommend you download the Schoop app as we will use this as our first way to share important messages with families. Further information can be found here. If you have any questions, please see the office staff who will be able to help.