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Remote learning plan

As part of our rivers topic in Geography, we visited Malham Cove in the Yorkshire dales to look at the source of the River Aire. Luckily, the weather was lovely and we had a brilliant but tiring time. All the children did really well with the walking and we all managed to walk up 400 steps! The ice cream at the end of the day was definitely needed.

Reading raffle prize winner-Well done Shanade!

In DT Food we planned, made and tasted pitta bread pizzas. The children grated their own cheese and cut the vegetables for their pizzas. Most children enjoyed the pizzas, they were very yummy! 

Business Week: teambuilding using spaghetti and marshmallows.

After Easter, year 4 had a business week where they had to plan, invent and pitch a product within their teams. All of the children did really well with their inventions and there were some really interesting ideas! As part of this week, we did some team building activities. One of the activities was to build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.  

Robinwood interest letter 12th May

Autumn 2020 Newsletter

End of term Reading at Home Winner - Well Done Jack

End of term Reading at Home Raffle Prize

The tree's going up in Year 4

A big thank you to all the children who decorated our trees in year 4. They decided a theme and then carefully arranged the decorations as you can see.

History work

The children have been comparing Roman soldiers and Celt warriors and discussing why the Romans were mostly victorious against the Celts. They drew some excellent pictures to represent their findings.

Our reading at home raffle prize winner - Well Done Oscar

Hanukkah celebration

Dynamic Balance

The children worked together as part of our social topic in PE to create a sequence of dynamic balances followed by a static balance.

Bonfire Night Poetry

The children created an anthology of poems based on bonfire night. They wrote a rhyming poem, a senses poem and and a poem using onomatopoeias (sound words).

Performance poetry

Year 4 have been reading 'Once Upon a Raindrop' - a poetry book all about water. They came up with actions to perform to the words. They have also taken time to be mindful and enjoyed a visit on Friday from Mindful Minis. They were all very good at the relaxation techniques (I think a few of them actually fell asleep!)

Year 4 have once again been working extremely hard this week. They have been working on a report based on Rivers in English and Geography. They have been doing column subtraction in Maths. In science they investigated what happened to different coloured ice-cubes and in PE they enjoyed another session on rugby skills. We finished the week working on our David Hockney style swimming pool pictures.

Some of the children have been doing fantastic work at home whilst we had to be away from school again because of the pesky virus. A huge thank you to all of the grown ups who have helped support your child's learning at home and have been getting to grips with google classroom. It has been a steep learning curve for us all.


Well, we finally got back to school and the children have enjoyed a PE session with Harvey from Leeds Rhinos. There has been some super learning in all lessons so a big well done to all the children for getting back into the swing of things.

Year 4 are making a super start back in school. I have been extremely impressed with their throwing and catching skills in PE. They have been doing some super writing about a short film called La Luna. We have been looking at David Hockney portraits and then the children have created their own portraits in different styles. Have a look at the photos.

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 4 have experienced since starting school.