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Remote learning plan

Christmas festivities!

We've had a lovely fun-filled few days in the run up to the Christmas holidays. It may not have been the usual last week or two, but we've still managed to find lots of ways to celebrate! We've git crafty with making decorations, calendars and cards. We've had a delicious Christmas dinner. We've watched a virtual panto. We've all taken part in a Christmas performance of The Night Before Christmas and watched videoed performances from the other classes around the school. We've had our first Zoom assembly so we could all see who was nominated as Pupils of the Term. We've had a Christmas party with games and goodies and even squeezed in watching Home Alone (after all, what's Christmas without a Christmas film?!).

We hope you all have a lovely peaceful Christmas and enjoy a your break. See you in 2021!



Christmas reading raffle winner...

Believe it or not, our raffle prize winner this term was also Yassine! Well done! It could be something to do with how many raffle tickets you have managed to collect with your regular reading, of course! I hope you enjoy your brilliant graphic novel and goodies.


End of term Reading at Home Raffle Prize

Last term the winner of our reading raffle was Yassine. Well done Yassine! You definitely deserved to win it with all the reading you do at home! Remember to update your reading records every time you read at home - show them to us at school and you will get a raffle ticket in the draw for each time. The more raffle tickets you get, the more chances to win this fabulous prize! We have a copy of this excellent graphic novel in class and everyone who has chosen it as their reading book has loved it! Good luck everyone!

Christmas Crafts!


STEM project - Polar Explorers

Last year's Year 5 made these prototype grabbers, as a design for collecting samples. The design worked on the basis of pulleys and levers that we had been studying. This year, we have been studying the same project but when we looked at the results of last year's prototypes, we realised that they could definitely be improved upon. So, like the true engineers we are, we followed the design process. The previous class had already made the prototypes so we jumped into the process at the test stage! We tested their designs to see if they could pick up samples - some could but there were definite flaws in the design such as the string sticking and the plastic arm bending. We have evaluated the prototypes and thought of possible improvements - in particular, the use of different materials. Our new designs, based on this testing and evaluation process, should hopefully work better when get the materials to make them in the next couple of DT lessons! Watch this space...

Pedestrian Skills Training

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

World Mental Health Day


To mark World Mental Health day this weekend, we did a session on "What to do about worry". The children had a good understanding of what worry might look or feel like for the person who is experiencing it. They were also able to suggest ways that someone might deal with worries. We found it trickier to decide which ways might be the most effective in dealing with worries but were able to discuss their ideas to come up with the best solutions together. We used a "worry tree" to follow steps and make a plan to deal with a worry. Below is the worry tree to follow and Haasini's reponses to it for what to do if you were worried about meeting new people. 


Could you try using the worry tree to help with dealing with your worries?


Scientists and artists!


We've really enjoyed our cubist artwork and the results have been great! Lots of the children already have their artwork featured on our Picasso display (see above), with more still to come! We've also been creating artwork inspired by one of the BBC's Ten Pieces - a piece of classical music by Stravinsky called The Firebird - designing artwork from our imaginations. In our science lessons, we've been looking at forces and have tried out an experiment to see how levers can help us. Our experiment focused on the difference the length of the force arm makes and the children were genuinely shocked at the results! 

Can you explain to someone at home what happened with our lever experiment?

What a fab first few days!

It only took a couple of days and Year 5 were back into the school routines (along with all the new bits they now have to remember!). They have been great! We were all feeling a bit rusty at first, but it hasn't taken them long to get back into some very positive learning behaviours. They've taken on challenges in Maths and are in the process of planning some exciting story extracts based on our new graphic novel Ghostopolis. We've also all been having a go at being cubists - trying to copy our class artist Picasso's interesting style. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results!

Welcome back Year 5

I'm very glad to be welcoming you back to school after what was a very different school year. I'm also looking forward to having you as my class again after having had you last way back in Year 2! I know you've all changed lots since then and I'm excited to hear all your news. We have a fun and learning-filled year ahead of us!


Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 5 have experienced since starting school.