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Class Teacher: Mr Cattermoul


This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

While school is closed, your class teacher will add regular challenges to keep you thinking. There is also a separate page with school closure information and lots of great learning tasks. Please click on the link below.


Week beginning 9th March

We had a fantastic trip to Salts Mill on Friday. Take a look at the pictures.

Week beginning 2nd March

This week we have begun to read through our play - 'The Princess and the Pea'. The children all have their characters now and are busy practising their lines. 

We have also been looking at fractions this week and their relationship to decimals.

We had some fantastic World Book Day potatoes - the designs were amazing. Well done to Karis and Tiffanny for their imaginative ideas. They were in Well done assembly this week.

We have also been doing map work about the river Aire and we are looking forward to our trip next Friday.

Anglo-Saxon candle holders

Anglo-Saxon candle holders 1
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 2
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 3
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 4
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 5
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 6
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 7
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 8
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 9
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 10
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 11
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 12
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 13
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 14
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 15
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 16
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 17
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 18
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 19
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 20
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 21
Anglo-Saxon candle holders 22

Week beginning 27th January

We finished off this week by editing the story of 'The Dragon Slayer.' The children worked really hard and produced some lovely work which we have displayed on the classroom wall. They have also been working hard on completing a diary for a day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon. They have some homework to complete ordering the weights of food at home.

A big thank you for all your contributions to support Rob Burrow on Friday. The children really enjoyed the visit from Ronnie the rhino.

Week beginning 20th January

We have begun to read our class text this week - Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. The legend of an Anglo-Saxon warrior and his battles to defeat the monster Grendel (it is proving to be quite a gruesome story so far)! We also did some Anglo-Saxon role play and took a trip into the woods to survey the land around school to decide if it would be a good spot to build our Anglo-Saxon village. This has been one of the many problems we have tried to solve during problem solving week. We also tried to see how tall we could build 3D sculptures in Art.

Week beginning 13th January

A return to swimming this week and all the children showed a super attitude and determination to improve their swimming. We have continued to find out more about the Anglo-Saxons and the reasons why they came to settle in the areas around Leeds. ON Friday the children made some more 3D models using coloured paper strips which look very effective on our display. The children have been experimenting with solids, liquids and gases in Science and need to find these at home for their homework.

Week beginning 6th January

Happy New Year! A warm welcome back to school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week back in Year 4 (it has been a few years) and the children have really helped me get back into the swing of things. We have been working on a new approach to writing called 'The Write Stuff' which I hope will really help the children develop a love of writing. Some children have also been making a big effort with their reading. Kaesen and Coby were in Well Done assembly for their super attitude and desire to improve their reading. We have talked about the importance of regular reading and some of the children have been making a big effort to read at home. We have started a new history topic on the Anglo-Saxons and also did some super 3D sculpture in Art with art straws and pipecleaners.


Swimming is still on Mondays but PE has changed to Thursdays.


Week beginning 9th December

This week we looked at acute and obtuse angles and how to identify them. We laos tried to find acute and obtuse angles in quadrilaterals. 

We had a Muslim visitor in this week. She was so interesting and taught us so much about Islam and how Muslims worship. We learnt about the 5 pillars or Islam and we were especially interested in the Hajj. We found out that the Great Mosque can hold up to 4 million people!

Muslim visitor

Week beginning 2nd December

This week we continued to read Coraline and worked on using inference to understand her thoughts and feelings. 

In maths we use coordinates to draw polygons in the first quadrant. 

In science we continued to learn about sound. 

In other news, now advent has begun we have started making Christmas decorations and cards. 


Week beginning 25th November

This week was RE week so learn about the Golden Rule that spans most faiths around the world: Treat others as you would like to be treated. We learnt that most faiths have their own version of this in their holy books. 

We also wrote some narratives about Coraline in English. We tried hard to use fronted adverbials and lots of interesting noun phrases. 


Week beginning 18th November

This week we have been doing lots of equivalent fractions. It was tricky at first but we found that if you multiplied the top and the bottom by the same number you got an equivalent fraction. In English, we continued to read Coraline and use noun phrases to write a setting description of Coraline's house. 


Week beginning 11th November

This week we had a trip to the Leeds Grand Theatre. It was an amazing building and we even got to go backstage and see all the costumes from the show, We Will Rock You. Then we did a workshop all about how to use lighting and sounds at the theatre. 

In PE we did lots of practice for our skipping festival next year. 


Week beginning 4th November 

In maths this week we looked at finding fractions of amounts. It was tricky but we learnt some actions to help us remember. 

In English we wrote firework poems and tried to use alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes to make them more descriptive. 


Week beginning 21st October

This week we did some great art based on rangoli patterns to celebrate Diwali. We drew an extra large one on the playground.

In maths we continued our work with division and multiplication. Great to see some children have really done well with methods and moved onto reasoning. 

We finished the water horse book so on Friday we watched the film. It was very different to the book but we really enjoyed it. 

Diwali rangoli

Homework treat

Week beginning 14th October

This week we wrote up our explanation texts about river and made sure we used fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions. 

In maths we looked at the short division method. We also had lots of people moving onto the next times table because they had been learning them at home. Well done to those children and keep it up!


Week beginning 7th October

This week we looked at multiplication using the long and short method. We were all good at the method but struggled with some of the times tables. Don't forget to keep learning these.

We started looking at explanation texts about rivers with a view to writing our own next week. There was some great knowledge about rivers demonstrated. 

We had parents evening too. If your adults did not a chance to come in, make sure you book an appointment with Mrs Smedley after school. 

We had the opportunity to have a skipping workshop with Jodie. It was great fun. Take a look at our pictures below. 

Skipping workshop

Week beginning 30th September

This week we have been using column subtraction with simple calculations and with inverse. 

In English, we have been using fronted adverbials with a comma to tell the reader where, when or how. 

We have also continued to learn about the three stages of a river in geography.

Week beginning 23rd September

This week we have been writing instruction texts on how to look after a water hose. We have tried to use complex sentences, bossy verbs and adverbs. 

In maths we started using column addition but made sure that we thought about place value at the same time. 

On Thursday we had our trip to Malham. In the morning it rained, A LOT! But in the afternoon we were lucky enough to enjoy some better weather and an ice cream. We found the sauce of the River Aire and even a waterfall. Take a look at the pictures below. 


Malham 1
Malham 2
Malham 3
Malham 4
Malham 5
Malham 6
Malham 7
Malham 8
Malham 9
Malham 10
Malham 11
Malham 12
Malham 13
Malham 14

Week beginning 16th September

This week we continued to read our book about the waterhorse. We started to think about how to take care of one. 

In maths we worked on rounding and counting on and back. 

On Friday we had colour day. We created some great art to put in our classroom. At the end of the day we had the colour run which was great fun and we raised a lot of money for school. 

Week beginning 9th September

This week in English we have been working on using subordinate clauses. They're quite tricky bu we're starting to get there.

In maths we have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. 

We had D:side Dave on on Friday who talked to us about alcohol and how to stay safe. We put on some glasses to see what it would be like to be drunk. It was horrible!


D:side 1
D:side 2

Week beginning 2nd September.

Welcome back! I hope you had a great holiday and are ready to learn some exciting things.

This week we started doing lots of art based on our class artist, David Hockney. We looked at his use of perspective and tried to recreate some of this. 

In English we started reading our class book, The Water Horse. We started making predictions and using noun phrases to describe what we though the water horse might look like. 

In maths we have been counting on and doing lots of times table practise.