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Class Teachers: Miss Mueller and Mr Kaczmarek


This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

Week beginning 19th September

Another busy week in Year 4 with lots of hard work revising old skills to develop new ones. We started our history topic, trying to develop an understanding of BC and AD and ordering events which have happened which link our topics from last year (the Stone Age) to the Iron Age we're learning this year. In maths, we've been looking at rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We started by physically putting ourselves on number lines and moving ourselves to the nearest boundary before drawing number lines and then applying the rules of rounding. In English, we have been developing our understanding and accuracy of using fronted adverbials and adverbial phrases within sentences and at the start of sentences to add detail. In PE, we've really matured these past 3 weeks and use time effectively to practise new skills to achieve PBs. 

Week beginning 12 September

We've been reflecting on the influence of the Queen this week, understanding what the monarchy is and why we now have King Charles III due to the line of succession. We have had some very mature discussions and thought about things we might see change like money, the national anthem, stamps and even post boxes. 

In Maths, we have been estimating numbers on a number line to 10,000. At first, many of us found this quite tricky but we realised finding the mid-point of the number line and segmenting it into equal parts helped us to estimate where different numbers would be.

We enjoyed making a human number line and using our reasoning skills to explain why we had placed each number. We then challenged each other to place numbers on number lines with different start and finish numbers.

Week beginning 5th September

Firstly, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all Year 4 for their excellent attitudes and effort they've put in this week. If we keep this up I know we'll have a really successful year!

We've enjoyed doing art this week. Our class artist is David Hockney and we have been looking at perspective when sketching trees from one of his artworks. In maths, we have been revising part whole models for numbers into the thousands which we've all been super good at! In English we have been using Hockney's work to use as a stimulus to describe characters and settings using noun phrases. In PSHE on Friday, we discussed Queen Elizabeth II and her life. We also discussed King Charles III and we will do some more work on this next week. 

Some of our Hockney perspective sketching

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 4 have experienced since starting school.