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This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

While school is closed, your class teacher will add regular challenges to keep you thinking. There is also a separate page with school closure information and lots of great learning tasks. Please click on the link below.

Isabelle has emailed us in some more of her work - I particularly her Newspaper report, which you can read below. I have a feeling it may not be completely factual, though!!

This is Isabelle's English work from last week. Well done! I was especially impressed with the summary she wrote. She managed to cover all the important points in just six sentences...nice work!


My Book Review

Author: R.J Palacio, Age 56 lives in Brooklyn.

Book Title: Wonder Chapter #1

My opinion: I enjoyed the first chapter, but I thought it was slightly too short. I really enjoyed the part with the farting nurse, I thought she was hilarious. I am really looking forward to the next chapter and I think Miss will really enjoy it too.

Short Summery #1: The boy tells the story of the night he was born. Whilst he was in his mum’s tummy, the doctors explained to his parents how there was something wrong with the baby and he may not survive. When he was born one of the nurses rushed him out of the room so his parents couldn’t see him. This left the parents extremely upset as they wanted to meet their child, one of the nurses tried to calm the mum down. This nurse also held her hand as she met her child. The mother stared into his eyes and instantly fell in love.

Year 5, here are a couple of challenges to try at home... 

(remember our STEM work on the Polar Explorer Programme and our work in maths and science, to help you)

Here are some websites to support you -

Have fun and let us know how you got on!


This week in English we have been learning about imagery in our Alma topic. We also did a description of the front of the shop. In Maths we have been doing angles and on Thursday we did a murder mystery with angles and grid references and a compass. It's been Geography week so we did a lot of map skills and grid references and finding out about Scandinavian biomes in Scandinavia. In reading we have been reading Frankenstein and Boom.

KC-ann and Ellie W



Picture 1

DT- testing insulators

Week beginning 2nd March:

 We had the Leeds Rhinos in PE and we played benchball. In maths we did estimating missing angles - we have also got really good at calculating missing angles using the facts we know about the number of degrees in a circle, on a straight line and inside various shapes. In ICT,we did spreadsheets where they converted information for us.In English we talked about this short film called Alma - we've done lots of work thinking about how to write about emotions and how to show not tell in our writing. In DT, we tested different fabrics to see which one would keep something the warmest. We were trying to find out which fabric to use for our polar mittens/gloves that we are going to make. We also had World Book Day on Thursday and everyone made their favourite book characters out of potatoes. We had some amazing entries, as you can see above, and our winning entry - chosen by some headteachers who were visiting our school - was from William, who made a brilliant Gnasher from Dennis the Menace!

Caiyden and Sklylar

Homework Treat - "gloop"! 13.2.20

Week beginning 10th February:


This week we did multiplying fractions in Maths and some people found it tricky but we   got there in the end with the steps Miss put on the board!. After that, we did PE, we had to balance on tape. Next we had to do it with our eyes closed with lunges back and forth [we had to trust our partner]. In English we have been learning about Lindisfarne ,we learnt all about the Vikings invading the Monastery. In the homework treat we made gloop. It went all over the carpet - we were all shocked. In Science we have been testing materials to see if there are buoyant some of them weren't.

Trixii, William, Mason, Ruby, Macey and Kaleigh


Week beginning 3rd February:


This week we have been continuing work with adding and subtracting decimals. It has definitely 'clicked' with most of us now. 

In English we have been continuing our theatre project on emotions poetry. We have been planning our poems in preparation for out final week with Andy next week. We can't wait to write and perform our poetry. As well as this, we have been looking at newspaper reports and their features. 

In history we learnt about the vicious Viking attack on Lindisfarne in 793AD, which was the first time they invaded Britain. 


Week beginning 27th January:


We’ve been working our brains hard this week, particularly in maths, where we’ve been adding and subtracting fractions. Lots of us are really getting the hang of this tricky concept – even when the fractions have different denominators! We know how to find equivalent fractions to make it possible to work with them in our calculations. In English, having read the opening chapter of BOOM we’ve just finished off writing our own openers to a story and I have to say, they are pretty good! They definitely got me hooked and wanting to find out what happens next! Also, on Friday, Caiyden, William and Archie from our class organised for the whole school to have a blue and yellow day, where we all wore something blue or yellow. This was all to raise money for Leeds Rhinos player, Rob Burrow, who has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Well done boys!

Another Polar Explorer experiment

Week beginning 20th January:


We carried out another experiment this week. This time we were thinking about the effects of friction and how scientists might use this to help them with the design of their ice breaker ships. This week was also problem-solving week at Cobden. In Year 5 we thought about how everyday life presents us with problems all the time (although we might not always think of them problems) such as: what to do if my pen runs out, where to find the answer to a question and so on. So the children were all trying extra hard to find their own solutions to situations throughout the week. We particularly tested their problem solving skills in our PE lessons with our River Crossing challenges!

Week beginning 13th January:


This week we started our new STEM project called the Polar Explorer Programme. We are going to be doing lots of experiments throughout the project and focusing on the work of the British Antarctic Survey. This week we were looking at the effects of gravity and upthrust, that cause objects to float, and looking at how the shape of a boat affects its surface area and therefore how much weight (or how many passengers) it can carry without sinking. Have a look at the photos and see if your child can explain what they found out! We've also started a Theatre Workshop project and had our second session with Andy this week. We are working towards creating some of our own poetry by half term.

The day a Viking came to visit...9th January

Week beginning 6th January:


Happy New Year everyone! We’ve had an exciting start to Spring Term with a visit from a Viking! Sigwulf brought lots of Viking artefacts for us to explore, played Viking games with us and helped us act out a hilarious Viking Saga. We also had a go at speaking and writing “Viking” and ended the day with a battle drill, complete with Viking shields to create a shield wall and “arrows” provided by some of the adults, in the form of beanbags! An excellent day was had by all and we learnt a huge amount about our new topic, in the process! We’ve also been lucky enough to be involved in a theatre project, which started this week and will continue throughout the term. Andy, our poet and workshop leader, played games with us and helped us prepare some ideas for the poetry we will be creating over the next few weeks. The children were all very enthusiastic and engaged and are looking forward to the next installment!


What has been your favourite part of your first week back?

Autumn Term Newsletter and Topic Map

Week beginning 2nd December:


In English, we have been busy writing letters to our instructors at Robinwood, to thank them for helping make our residential so amazing. The children are really showing off their letter-writing skills - using all the language and grammar features they've been learning in class - so I'm sure the Robinwood staff will be very impressed! In maths, we've been learning how to calculate area. We started off using Lego to help us visualise how we could work it out, but we soon moved on to written calculations so we are able to calculate the area of larger shapes, including compound shapes made up of two or more rectangles. In PE, we've been lucky enough to have the coaches from Leeds Rhinos for some of our lessons this half term. They have been playing lots of games with us to work on our invasion games skills. We've really enjoyed working as a team and working together to disguise what we are about to do next from the other team, in order to score.


What are you most looking forward to at school, in the weeks running up to Christmas?

STEM science lesson 28.11.19

Week beginning 25th November:


This week has been our RE and culture week at Cobden. We have been learning about special places and pilgrimages in all religions. We also looked at why religions have rules. We compared these rules in different religions and saw that they have a lot in common. We had Christian lady come and talk to us about her religion and the rules she follows, called the Ten Commandments. The children then wrote their own rules that they thought people should live by. The whole class contributed really well to all our discussions. Caiyden and Joseph did a particularly good job with their subject knowledge, contributions in class and their own version of the Ten Commandments so were chosen for Well Done Assembly! We have also been working on our Science unit all about forces and have carried out some fun experiments with levers, as you can see above. 


Is it easier to lift a weight with a long or short force arm?


Week beginning 18th November:


Here's a small selection of the hundreds of photos we took during our brilliant residential at Robinwood this year! We will be inviting parents and carers into school shortly, so that the children can share their favourite photos with you, in person. They are in the process of putting these together for you!

Week beginning 4th November:


This week we had an inspector come into school for two days. He came and looked at our maths lesson in Year 5, and talked to Joseph with the other school councillors. He told our class that they showed very good learning behaviour! On Friday, we had fun finding out some more about Pompeii and Vesuvius (we learnt about them last year in Year 4) because Mrs Willacy went on holiday to Naples and took lots of photos for us. She even brought some lava rocks to hold from the top of Mount Vesuvius, when she climbed it! Then we played some maths and English games and watched a movie for our bonus choosing time. Mr K came to tell us more about our trip to Robinwood - we are all so excited to go! Only 14 days to go!!

Trixii and Skylar

Homework treat for a record 22 children this half term!! Well done Year 5!!

Week beginning 21st October:


Like you see above, today we have been decorating biscuits for our homework treat. We had 22 people who did almost every piece of homework so they all got to have the reward and only 5 people didn`t but some of them were so close. We are the best class in the school for homework. Mrs Willacy always brags to the other teachers about it! Happy half term everybody!

Skylar and Gracie

Week beginning 14th October:


This week we started our Polar Explorers STEM programme. The children have had a great time finding out about the polar exploration vessels and the important scientific research they do. We have then had a go at some research ourselves. We started out looking at the atmosphere, linking to our topic on biomes, and created our own layered atmospheres using chromatography. We have also used our science, maths, geography and English skills to explain what three pictures of a glacier in Alaska, taken over a 30 year period, showed. We used this evidence to support our own arguments about the effects of climate change.


What did you notice about the glacier? What did this evidence show?

Week beginning 7th October:


This week in ICT we carried on making our games. We finished off the rest off the levels, then edited it. In English, we learnt about possessive apostrophes, then we wrote a Ghostopolis spell.In maths, we learnt about rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. Now we can use rounding in the professional ways. In geography, we have been learning about biomes. We had to do, in our books, a map of the different biomes. We had to colour the map in. Then do labels about the different biomes. We have been really good with our homework - nearly everyone in class has read at home and done their homework! We are also good at reading at home with our parents. But we almost forgot that we have lots of HOUSE POINTS this year because we are reading at home. In reading, we have almost finished the book that we are reading. It is called Ghostopolis. It is good so far because Garth has been stuck in the afterlife for ages but Vaugner is trying to catch him.

Skylar, Kaleigh and Gracie-Lou 

Week beginning 30.9.19:


This week in ICT we started creating our games - we loved it! We had to choose the theme, then plan the rest of the game. The next day, we started making the first level of the game.

In PE, we have learning how to play basketball. We practiced our skills: shooting, dribbling and many more! We also have a warm up called Hi Baby - it's where you give a high five to the first person you see and a low five to the next person.

Gracie-Lou and Skylar

Week beginning 23.9.19:


This week has been History Week at Cobden and we have all been working together to create a giant timeline to show all the different eras we learn about throughout school. Because we have only just started in our new year groups, each year created a section about the eras they had studied last year. Year 5 looked at the Iron Age, the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons, creating some brilliant, factual and informative posters to form part of the whole school timeline. They showed some very good knowledge and understanding of the eras, as well as the impact they had on life in Britain today! Well done! In PE this week, we have been working on shooting skills in basketball, and also the ability to encourage and support our team mates. This is an important sports skill that Year 5 are working on building.


We will be starting our geography unit next week, looking at biomes. What are the main differences that you know of, between different areas of the world? Why do you think there are these differences?

Week beginning 16.9.19:


This week we've been focusing on decimal numbers in maths - checking our understanding of place value and moving on to formal methods of addition and subtraction. In English, we have written our own story extracts for our class novel, Ghostopolis, and will be putting these together into a class book! In Art, our Picasso portraits are complete and will form part of a lovely display in our classroom. Two of our "Well Done" children, this week, were chosen for their brilliant work on this, together with evaluations of their own artwork. In music, we have learnt our second note on the recorder and Mrs Perkins was very impressed with how well the class followed instructions, to play a short tune. In PE, we've been working on our ball skills (passing and dribbling), to build towards playing games of basketball.


Next week is History Week at Cobden - what facts can you remember from your history lessons in Year 4?



Week beginning 9.9.19


This week, we have begun our work on place value in maths - working out what the different digits in a number are worth, including decimals! The children have got the hang of it really quickly and we will be moving on to trying out adding decimal numbers, using the column method, soon. In English, we have been reading Ghostopolis and using inference and questioning skills to understand the story. Because there is less text to read, the children have had to really focus on picking up clues that the author has left for us in the pictures and in the dialogue between characters. They have used this information to write about the characters and describe their personalities. In art, we have moved on to trying out some cubist techniques, drawing people from different angles in one portrait. We've also had a visit from D-side, who helped us with our new PSHE topic by looking at the risks involved with some substances and how to keep ourselves safe. 


What new information did you learn from D-side Dave and how did it help you understand our new PSHE topic?

Week beginning 2.9.19


Welcome back! We've had a brilliant first week back, getting settled into our new class! We've been busy, straight away, finding out about our class artist and interpreting and evaluating some of his artwork. In maths, we've been showing off what we already know about the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To start our new topic in English, we've been looking at graphic novels and have been introduced to the novel Ghostopolis, which the children have really enjoyed so far! Well done Year 5 for getting on straight away - our attendance has been good and our behaviour has been exemplary! What a fabulous start to the new school year!


What has been your favourite subject so far in Year 5?