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Book Week

Bedtime Story Day

Bedtime Story Day 1

Paired reading was lots of fun. It was different to normal.  We read a book called 'Be Nice'. The was a rude boy who was being unkind to other peoples things. Bongo at the remote control! It was good in the end because everyone said sorry.

by Sophie in Year Six and Lucy in Year One


Reception have been reading The Gruffalo. If you have not heard the story before just ask Jenson:

"The mouse found a nut and the nut was good. He then found a fox , then he found an owl, a snake and then a gruffalo. Then he finds a snake, an owl, a fox again. Then he was quiet in wood and found a nut and the nut was good."

"I like the bit where the Gruffalo says "you'll taste good on a slice of bread!"

"It is the best story I've ever read"


by Jenson

Picture 1

Year 1


In Book week we have been reading the story 'Peace at Last'. Mr Bear didnt get eny sleep. I liked when mumy bear gave dady bear a cup of tea because she was nies. 

I would give it 4 stars. 


by Astrid


Picture 1

Year 2

This week we have been reading James and the Giant Peach. My favourite part was when the car got crushed. It rolled down the hill. Aunt Sponge and Spiker we were in the car. It was funny. The centipede had to wear 42 shoes. The other bugs had to help it put them on because it would take too long.

I would give it 5 stars.



by Zethan

Year 3

Basically, we had to made book marks. We designed them for a competition. I've read 'More Pants'. It's about all sorts of different pants: big pants, small pants, hairy pants, fairy pants, octopus pants! My favourite was sweaty pants.

I would give it 5 stars.


We looked read about dogs and football and chose 5 interesting facts. We then made our own non-chronological reports.


by Harrie-Mae

Picture 1

Year 4

We have writing fairy tales for Year One to read. We had to plan our stories, draft them and then we are going to publish them. My story is about a princess who wants to meet a prince. She meets some crazy things on the way like a frog that wants a kiss!

It will be a great book when it is finished.

I would give it 4 stars.

By Paige


All the teachers visited other classes to read a book of their choice

All the teachers visited other classes to read a book of their choice 1 Miss Smyth in Nursery
Picture 1 Miss Caine shares the Enormous Crocodile to Year 2
Picture 2 The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark is read to Year1
Picture 3 Year 6 are treated to Mr Bump
Picture 4 Miss Jowitt reads a scary story to Year 3
Picture 5 Miss Baum visits Year 4
Picture 6 Mrs Willacy reads to Reception