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Our School Council works hard to ensure that all children have an opportunity to share their ideas and to make changes to their school. The School Council meet regularly, to share ideas and undertake projects. This ensures all children have a VOICE, they all SHARE ideas and they all help to IMPROVE their school.

Our School Council is made up of pupils from Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and also the House Captains from Year 6.

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Outer West Youth Summit - Monday 22nd October 2018

The Year 6 House Captains had the opportunity to attend the Outer West Youth Summit at Leeds Civic Hall which gave them the opportunity to share their ideas on how the money should be spent on children and young people who live in Farnley. 

It was a great day, the children were able to find out more about how Leeds City Council works, what Councillors have to do each day and to learn about democracy. They also got to visit the Council Chamber and had the opportunity to ask questions to some Councillors and also talk to the Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, Tom Riordan.

After a very exciting lunch at Leeds Beckett University, they had to work as a team to decide how to spend £40,000 on activities next year. It was a very difficult decision to have to make but they made some good choices which may be used next year. 

On July 10th we attended the full governors meeting. It was great to share the work we have done this year and reflect on how we have made a difference.
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We also received feedback from attending the youth summit. Our ideas were all followed and we look forward to attending some of the summer events in Farnley.
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Olivia, Edward and Reicela went to Pets at Home to buy our new school pets. We learned how to look after our two new guinea pigs and enjoyed set up their new home at school.
Every class now has a pen recycling box. Astrid and Oscar helped advertise our work start our recycling .
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We had a special assembly where we were introduced to everybody in the school. We talked about different ideas and ways to help.
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What fun activities can we do at playtime? We gave lots of great ideas and Mr K helped us to order lots of different equipment. It should arrive in a few days!
WOW. We had great fun unpacking lots of boxes of equipment. We've got bug catchers, binoculars, basketballs, puzzles, tubes to talk down, nets and lots more. We are going to take it outside soon so we can all play with it.
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