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Our School Council works hard to ensure that all children have an opportunity to share their ideas and to make changes to their school. The School Council meet regularly, to share ideas and undertake projects. This ensures all children have a VOICE, they all SHARE ideas and they all help to IMPROVE their school.

Our School Council is made up of pupils from Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and also the House Captains from Year 6.

School Council 2022 - 2023

We had a visit from Kully, the Creative Director of Leeds 2023. We discussed our ideas for how to help support the Year of Art and Culture. Members from Year 1 to 5 gave fantastic ideas and displayed wonderful understanding of how to make a sustainable change to arts and culture within Leeds.
Ella and Ty helped collect all of the old pens from the last year. They are going to be recycled to make plastic furniture! We sent off over 1700 pens. As a reward, the council voted to use the profits to purchase a chicken for an African family to provide eggs and manure to help farming.

Outer West Youth Summit - Wednesday 2nd October 2019

The Year 6 House Captains had the opportunity to attend the Outer West Youth Summit at Leeds Civic Hall which gave them the opportunity to share their ideas on how the money should be spent on children and young people who live in Farnley. 

When we arrived the children were asked to write down (as a group), a list of things which they thought the councillors did in their daily role. The councillors had to then say yes or no and why. The hospitals were mentioned and Edward was the only one in the room to put his hand up to say the NHS provided the funding.

Break – cups of tea all-round and a muffin.

In the next session the children were given £40,000 and a list of companies wanting funding. They had to look at: how many children they provided for, how many sessions they held, the age ranges, costs and if they are beneficial to the towns and their city.

Lunch – grab and go, yummy.

After lunch the children spent the afternoon in the Chamber room with the local councillors and the Lady Mayoress herself. They were given a talk about the seating arrangements and where labour or conservatives etc would sit and why. She gave the children chance to ask her questions about her job role and inspirations.

All our children were fantastic and contributed to everything.

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