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Teaching, Learning and Pupil Support

As from 26th September 2022, the decision was made to combine the committees previously known as Teaching and Learning and Pupil Support so that 2 meetings per term could be held. The new committee will be called Teaching, Learning and Pupil Support (TLPS).

Pupil Support 

This committee is responsible for all the things that happen in school to ensure that pupils are safe, happy and developing as they should. The committee takes an overview of such things as attendance and punctuality, safeguarding and equality. Members of this committee sometimes meet with parents to support improvements in behaviour or attendance. One member of the committee meets regularly with school council.

Teaching and Learning Committee

This committee ensures that standards of teaching and learning are as high as possible by taking an overview of performance management. They look at what is taught in lessons, how it is taught and how all pupils are helped to achieve the best they can, whatever barriers there might be to their learning. They meet with subject leaders to find out about developments in the curriculum and how it is delivered. They also visit school to see what is happening in classrooms.


Members of the Teaching, Learning and Pupil Support (TLPS) Committee: Sarah Westaway (Chair of TLPS), Paula Head, Deryn Porter, Stefan Kaczmarek, Gill Knutsson, Lesley McCluskey, Sharon Knott, Natalie Robson and Andrea Philpot.