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This Week at Cobden

Friday 23rd September

Even though it has been a four-day week it has still been a busy one at Cobden. Like last week, I have given a lot of stickers out again this week for excellent work and behaviour. I've seen some great writing and maths and some wonderful artwork - I particularly like Evie-May's drawing of a gingerbread girl after Y1 had a visit from the gingerbread man! 

Our school photographer was in on Tuesday so please make sure your child gives you the code to log on and order photos - there were some lovely smiles! 

Mrs Head blush

Friday 16th September

I have had lots of children bring me their lovely work this week, I am going to need some new stickers! I have seen some super writing, both in content and presentation, some great maths and lots of interesting cross-curricular work about the Queen. In our Tuesday assembly this week I asked the children what rules they would make if they were King or Queen for the day and they were really thoughtful, thinking of the environment and homelessness especially. Archie became King Charles III and answered "hot seat" questions. I was going to ask other people to come and have a turn but Archie was so amazing he kept going! 

Although it's for a sad reason, enjoy the extra day off on Monday whatever you plan to do, and we will see you back on Tuesday morning for the fun time that we usually have when the photographer is in school!!

Mrs Head smiley

Friday 9th September

Welcome back to another year at Cobden! It has been lovely seeing everyone and hearing about your summer holidays. Well Done Assembly is my favourite time of the week and this morning was no exception. All children were in assembly for their great attitudes to school and learning and I know teachers are really pleased with how everyone has settled and returned with a good attitude. 

Unfortunately, we have had the very sad news about the Queen yesterday and I know the children have had a lot of questions. We don't know yet if schools will close for a day of mourning but will let parents know as soon as we know. All classes will spend some time reflecting on the Queen's lifetime and the changes to come in the future. Don't forget every child was given a lovely book (picture below) about the Queen earlier this year when we celebrated her 70 years on the throne. I know my grandson was reading his this morning as he heard the news, so I'm sure he will have some interesting facts to share with me this weekend!

Mrs Head blush