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This Week at Cobden

Friday 1st December

As I am sitting and typing this, I am listening to the lovely Christmas singing in the hall as Cobden make a bid for the Christmas number 1 with our CD of Christmas songs - move over Mariah Carey! Even the staff will be adding a track after school so watch out for your opportunity to buy the recording; what a super background to your Christmas morning, the staff of Cobden singing! wink

As it is the 1st December, we have started our attendance drive for the next 2 weeks. All children who arrive on time will be given a house point, if they attend on time every day right until the last day of term they will be given extra house points and will be entered into a draw to win a fantastic family prize. 

Mrs Head blush

Friday 24th November 

We have had another busy week at Cobden. We had fun practising all our Christmas songs on Tuesday and it was great to see Mr Mosey back in school. All classes had some taster sessions in karate yesterday. Today Y4 and Y5 are out on school trips. Year 4 have been at Herd Farm for the day to support their learning about the Iron Age. It's a big day for Year 5 as they head off to Robin Wood for the weekend; there was a mixture of nerves and excitement this morning and that was just the parents waving them off! wink I'm sure they will have a fantastic time as always and I'll be here to welcome them back on Sunday afternoon. Big thanks to Mr Kaczmarek, Mr Cattermoul and Mrs Smedley for giving up their weekends to support the trip. yes

Mrs Head

Friday 17th November 

We have had a staff training day today so the children have had a nice long weekend! We have had a week of doing lots of things relating to Anti-Bullying Week which started with Odd Socks Day on Monday - a very colourful start to the week. We also put the finishing touches to our new staffroom which is in the old ICT suite as it is a much brighter, bigger room. Staff wellbeing is very important to us and giving them a nice space to take a break in is something we have wanted to change for a while. Remember happy staff = happy children! wink

Mrs Head 

Friday 10th November

It was lovely to see everyone return after half term. The children were all excited to tell us all about the fun they had had on Halloween and Bonfire Night! This week a lot of classes have been talking about Remembrance Day and the significance of poppies. We held a minute's silence this morning at 11.00. Y6 have been out and about all week on the bikes doing "Bikeability". The poor things got cold and wet almost every day they were out there! 

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week so don't forget to wear your odd socks on Monday!

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Friday 27th October

We made it to half term! Eight weeks is a very long time for the first half term of a school year and we all deserve a rest!

It has been History Week this week and on Wednesday we had a day where we all dressed up as a person from history. Everyone looked fantastic and some children really went the extra mile and had researched the person who had inspired them. We gave prizes out for the best outfits this morning but it was a very hard decision to make!

We break up today for a week and during this week we will have Halloween and Bonfire Night. Please be safe everyone, have fun but look after yourselves and have a great half term.

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Friday 20th October

It has been Recycling Week this week and the children have done some amazing work on this. It was lovely to see so many parents come in this afternoon to see the work that had been done around school. 

Year 5 did an amazing rendition of "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi in assembly this morning which has been their music topic this term. The singing was great and there were some excellent air guitars too!

Mrs Head smiley

Friday 13th October

Fortunately, it hasn't been an unlucky Friday 13th at Cobden! I have had lots of visits from children bringing their good work to show me - I might need to order more stickers I'm going through so many. Y6 did a fantastic class assembly on Tuesday, I couldn't believe how much work they had managed to get through in just 5 weeks. We have been thinking about mental health too as it was World Mental Health Day on Tuesday. It was good to hear that the children all knew they had lots of people in school that they could talk to if they had an issue.

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Friday 6th October

We had a visit from our School Improvement Adviser this week and she was very impressed with what she saw when she walked round school. The atmosphere was very calm and all children were engaged with their learning. She also spent some time in Stepping Stones and talked to the children in their about managing their emotions.

It was lovely to see that most parents had chance to talk to their child's teacher either in person or over the phone for parents' evening. We would love to hear your feedback on how you found the new system - did you prefer a phone call? Would you like parents' evening to be face to face? Do you prefer the option of one or the other? Please let us know so that we can bear this in mind when planning the next parents' evening.

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Friday 29th September

It's been such a busy, whirlwind start to the term that this is a very late welcome back to everyone!

I know lots of you had lovely holidays and visited some interesting places. The children have settled in well back to school life and learning. I've had to restock my stickers I've seen so much good work!

Next week is parents' evening so please make sure you hand your slips in to get your preferred slot so you can see the amazing work that is happening too. 

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