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School Clubs

We will be sending letters home about the new clubs in September. If you have any suggestions for new clubs, please let the staff know or complete the form below.

Thank you. 

Suggestions for clubs...

After School Clubs


Our after-school clubs have always been popular and we try and put on a broad range of activities which suit the children's interests. 

Each half term, in our house meetings, children have the opportunity to put forward ideas for clubs. These are then reviewed by the school council and the staff and offered on a half-termly basis. 

We have offered so many different and creative clubs over the past year, such as: 

  • football
  • Cricket
  • Art and crafts
  • Street Dance
  • Choir
  • Scooters
  • Busy Fingers!
  • ICT
  • Reading
  • Multi-skills
  • Cycling and scooters
  • Coding
  • Arts and crafts


Thank you to all the children who attended these clubs and showed fantastic attitudes towards the activities.


We hope to offer a wide range of clubs again next year. If you would like to suggest a good idea for a club, please let Mr Kaczmarek know and we will try and offer it!