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Our Curriculum

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please come and speak to the staff who will be able to to help. 

Our Curriculum Vision


How will our pupils THINK?

  • Creatively
  • Independently
  • Positively

How will our pupils FEEL?

  • Safe
  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Ambitious

What will our pupils DO?

  • Demonstrate outstanding learning behaviours
  • Use appropriate social skills
  • Solve problems and embrace challenges
  • Apply knowledge and transfer skills to all areas of the curriculum
  • Use the 6Rs at all times

Curriculum Principles

  • Our curriculum will have a speaking and listening focus to develop social language skills
  • Life skills, basic skills and SMSC will be embedded throughout
  • Lessons will be relevant, purposeful and personalised and will not be scheme or worksheet based
  • Topics and themes will be enquiry based and skills learnt will always be applied in a relevant context
  • Where relevant the curriculum will follow the progression of Farnley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England, British Isles, World. This will give the children a sense of identity and an understanding of where their place is in the world.

Cobden Primary



Our curriculum will take full account of  new National Curriculum (2014) key skills and be a source of enquiry and knowledge. It will be planned in a creative way that shows progression.


  • Children will be taught how to become enterprising, emotionally intelligent and socially responsible 21st century British citizens.
  • Current ICT used in school will reflect the needs of today’s learners
  • The humanities and the arts are essential parts of our curriculum and will be used to raise attainment in literacy and numeracy.
  • The curriculum will make appropriate use of resources, visits and visitors that create a sense of awe and wonder.
  • The school grounds and local community will be used to support learning on a regular basis.
  • Healthy lifestyles will be promoted through the school curriculum and extra-curricular activities
  • As many children as possible will be given the opportunity to represent the school, e.g. in sporting or creative activities