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Our field events sports day was a great success. We competed with each other by throwing the javelin, jumping, hoola hooping and skipping. These scores will be added to the results from our track events in a couple of weeks.

We have had a RE focus this week. We have been looking at the words of Jo Cox, who said, " we have far more in common with each other than things that divide us." To show this drew self portraits. Then we listed everything which is the same and everything which makes us unique.

We have said a big thank you and goodbye to Mr Welsh this week. He has been teaching us all year and will be greatly missed. He will still be in school for the next few weeks but working in other classes as well. This week we have been doing a lot of reading and maths tests and have nearly finished our Lighthouse Keepers Lunch stories.

We had a farm visit school for the day. Some of us walked the Llamas, fed goats and looked after the other animals. It was lots of fun.

Today, Year 1 have been busy making their healthy fruit smoothies! All the children followed their fantastic designs from last week to make a smoothie. Most of us enjoyed our smoothies and everyone had fun making and trying their smoothie.

The highlight of our project was using our very own Starbucks cups! smiley

Year 1 are very excited to see that their bean plants have started to grow. We are looking forward to observing them each day to see what changes! We wonder how tall they will grow? 

In our Design and Technology lessons, we will be making healthy fruit smoothies. We learnt how to safely chop and slice fruits using the fork method, the claw and the bridge. The children practised all the methods using playdough.

We have been learning about the parts of plants and what their jobs are. We made our own flower diagrams using loose parts and labelled them. We are all getting confident explaining what each part of the plant does to keep the itself alive.

Wild plant hunt

Dental Hygiene Workshop

Aerial view maps of the classroom!

We tasted the exotic fruits from Handa's Surprise to generate adjectives. The children had some fantastic ideas.

Today we had a visit from D-side. We learnt all about internet safety!

Year 1 are learning to work systematically to find number bonds. This helps us to make sure we don't miss any number bonds as we are working in order!

We are really getting to grips with our rekenreks (brand new maths resources)

We were very lucky to have a virtual visit from the popular children's author Claire Freedman! She wrote the ...Love Underpants books which we all enjoy in Year 1..

A trip to Leeds Grand Theatre.

Year 1 and Year 2 spent the morning looking around the theatre and finding out about the theatre in the past. We got to handle objects from the Victorian times and act out scenes.

Exploring 3D shapes by building towers and castles. We had to identify and name the shapes in our model and then count how many of each we had used. We also thought about which shapes were best for the bottom of our structure and attempted shapes in different orientations. 

Y1 Christmas party


Still image for this video

Christmas has arrived in Year 1! This week we have lots of list writing opportunities in our elves workshop. The children are enjoying using their phonics and writing lists and letters to Santa, then posting them in our post box. We are working out number bonds to 10 using the baubles on our Christmas tree! 

Year 1 are also practising their cutting and wrapping skills in the elves workshop.

Our pupils of the week were Hudson and Leo R for their excellent writing. They innovated the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and had some wonderful ideas.

Our Always Person was Vienna for her bronze badge. Keep up the hard work!

Priya and Daniele were our pupils of the week this week.

They have made themselves and us proud this week with an excellent attitude to learning.

Daniele has used the skills she has been learning in Design and Technology, and independently made her own sliding mechanism and flap. She also put a lot of thought in to the effect she wanted these moving parts to have which was very impressive.

Priya had enjoyed learning the actions to The Three Billy Goats Gruff in our English lessons and decided to get her story map out during Discovery time, and practise the actions in her spare time. Brilliant independent learning Priya, well done!

Leo R was our Always Person this week for the second time. Congratulations on your Silver badge!

Tens and ones

Our pupils of the week this week are JJ and Billy. JJ was chosen for pushing himself out of his comfort zone by taking part in the trip, and doing so with a big smile on his face! 

Billy was chosen for his enthusiasm whilst exploring the Victorian street. He was displaying some excellent Historian skills by being inquisitive and asking lots of what, how, when and why questions.

Our always person was Iyla this week. Well done!

This week in Design and Technology we learnt how to make a sliding mechanism. We decided to link this to our story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Lots of children enjoyed acting out the story using the sliders. In Discovery time, some children even decided to design and make their own moving picture incorporating a sliding mechanism.

Odd Sock Day!

In Well Done assembly this week were Jack and Pascal for their enthusiasm in their reading groups. Lots of sight reading and use of expression when reading. 

Our Always person was Lincoln, who has managed collect his silver badge early on this year. 👍 

Today we had an indoor 'bonfire'! The children used their imagination and role played lighting the bonfire, we talked about fire safety in time for bonfire night. We then watched a firework display on the board and used our 5 senses to describe what we could see and hear. We even tasted toffee apples and hot chocolate, and wrote a list to describe what they tasted like. We added what we might smell and feel too. Some children said "this is the best day EVER!" 😂

We will use our ideas from today to create a collective bonfire poem, so keep your eyes peeled for it at the end of the week!

Comparing groups of objects using new vocabulary

After discussing Harvest this week, some children have enjoyed printing with different shaped vegetables and using primary colours to mix secondary colours.

We had a chance today to be part of a rock band. Lincoln and Iyla got the job at singing and did a fantastic job!

Well done to Nevaeh and Lincoln for some excellent performance poetry this week! They learnt a poem called 'The Perfect Man' (all about the Gingerbread Man) and practised actions to help them remember it. They have also impressed us in English overall since they have started in year 1. Keep up the hard work!

Practising counting backwards

Uh oh! One gingerbread man managed to escape...and of course, it was Miss Sykes' gingerbread man. We hope to find him by writing 'wanted!' posters.

Baking and decorating gingerbread men!

Year 1 have enjoyed their first independent weekly challenge, and are loving adding their independent work to their curriculum journals. Some children are challenging themselves to add labels to their work which is great to see.

Harlow picked us some blackberries to try as he noticed they had ripened. Most children enjoyed the taste, some thought they were too sour!

Practising our fine motor skills and counting out water beads!

Sorting in as many different ways as we could think of

A very warm welcome to Year 1! The children have settled in well this week and have enjoyed accessing our areas of provision. They have been learning lots of new routines, getting used to using the KS1 playground, and even attended their first assembly for a long time!

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Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Reception have experienced since starting school.