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Remote learning plan

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Update

Year 1 enjoyed their first PE session with Harvey, a coach from Leeds Rhinos. 

Year 1 have had a fun afternoon on a bus trip to London! To kick off our topic 'The Great Fire of London', we used our imagination to role play a bus tour around London's famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and The London Eye. Some children took the role of the guards outside the Queen's palace and other children attempted to make them laugh (we know they have to stay very serious). We even hopped into little pods on The London Eye and had an afternoon tea outside. 

Well done to Amelia for winning our reading raffle prize!

We have been learning about Scotland and it's capital city, Edinburgh. We talked about the Loch Ness monster, tartan and food dishes enjoyed in Scotland. We even tried haggis! We had a few different reactions...

Year 1 have been innovating the story of Handa's Surprise this week. We have been impressed with their imaginations and have some very interesting characters including, The Hulk, The Gingerbread man and Cinderella! They have been learning how and when to use question marks and exclamation marks in their stories. 

In Phonics, we have been learning the different graphemes which make the 'ee' sound (ee, ea, ey, e-e). We enjoyed playing pin the tail on the donkey to learn the 'ey' digraph.

Our Geography lesson was all about London, the capital city of England. We even got to taste tea and scones just like the queen!

Trees have been our plant focus in science this week and we went outside to observe the trees in our school grounds. We found pine, oak and rowan trees. The children decided that pine trees are evergreen as they have stayed green all year round.


We are enjoying looking after our runner bean plants and observing the changes each day.

Year 1's excellent writing this morning. All about our very exciting visitors! 🐸

We're going on a Spring hunt...πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŒ±

Monday 8.3.21 

It has been great to see the children back at school today. They have spent lots of time playing and chatting to their friends and teachers. There has been lots of laughter and smiley faces. smileyheart

Well done to Leah who won our reading raffle prize! We hope you enjoy your new book and your selection box. Keep up all the amazing reading at home! 

Our Christmas elf Elvin drew baubles on the playground for us to colour! We had some great discussions about different patterns.

We LOVE bubble wrap 😁

Today we enjoyed eating our Christmas dinner at school. We wanted to say thank you to the dinner ladies, so we decided to make some cards and pictures for them!

Nativity role play

Number bond Christmas trees!

The children have been working hard to design and make their very own moving picture Christmas cards. They are looking fantastic and are all the children's ideas and their own work.

End of term Reading at Home Raffle Prize

This week the children have enjoyed working in our new Elves Workshop. We have seen so much wonderful learning happening in this area! The children have been independently writing letters, writing Christmas lists, writing cards, wrapping presents, practising their cutting skills and so much more! 

We enjoy reading bedtime stories to the babies in our cosy reading cornerπŸ“–

In Art this week, we have been looking at the work of our class artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children discussed the materials used in his artwork and discovered that he only uses natural materials, which are things we find in nature. We decided to go out into our school grounds and find our own natural materials. We used them to make our own artwork!

Covid positive case letter to parents

Today we had a gingerbread man escape! Tomorrow we will be writing 'wanted' posters to get him back!

For Mental Health Day, we received a letter from the Trolls. It said they are extremely worried about their friend "the troll under the bridge", as he has been acting out of character. They said he has been very bad-tempered and has been shouting at billy goats trying to cross the bridge. The children had to help to find out why the troll was so unhappy and think of ways to help him feel better again.  
We have been very busy in year 1 this week! Our focus traditional tale at the moment is The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and the children have been acting out the story using actions. They have also sequenced pictures to retell the story and have thought f lots of describing words to describe the troll. The children have been trying hard to complete their weekly challenges. This week they were given a scientific enquiry to find out which materials float and which sink. All the children had a go at recording their findings on a table. We learnt how to make darker shades of colours by adding black paint. The children drew a picture from our drawing book and painted it using different shades.  

Representing numbers and phonics 'eye- spy' challenge

Materials and their properties

In Geography, the children have been learning to use directional language. We decided to make some obstacle courses and use our directional language to guide Little Red Riding Hood through the forest to Grandma's house! The children used some fabulous language: through, under, over, across, through and around, and enjoyed being very bossy! Some of the children even recorded their directions using symbols.
The children have been working on planning their play to ensure it is purposeful. We have been thinking about how we can improve and extend our play through designs, labels and discussions. The children have also been completing independent challenges, involving primary colours and identifying materials. They have then been learning how to independently trim and stick their work into curriculum journals, and have loved being given this responsibility. Photos to follow!

During the first week back, we have been reading The Colour Monster and having lots of discussion around feelings. We used lots of new words for feelings- relaxed, confused, terrified, worried, nervous, furious, irritated and many more!

The colour monster was feeling angry and he asked us to help calm him down. We made a list of things we could put in a basket to help the colour monster relax. We will keep the basket in the classroom in case we ever need to self regulate and calm ourselves down.

Year 1 had an excellent first week back at school exploring their new classroom.

Welcome back to school! As it has been a long time since some children have been in school, we will have a huge focus on ensuring children are happy and settled in the first few weeks. Our Year 1 team cannot wait to meet our new class! 

Autumn Term Topic Map

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 1 have experienced since starting school.