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Class Teacher: Mr Duckmanton


This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

We’ve had a great day with Mrs Head teaching us today. We talked about planets and then designed our own on the playground and using black card. There were some fantastic creations! We really enjoyed having parents in to see the work we are proud of too.


We were really fortunate to receive a visit from Yangfan Xu, one of the the most talented musicians anyone of us has ever seen. He performed for us and taught us about many important composers. We also got the chance to play the piano ourselves.

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We've been learning about the first person to walk on the moon. In Science, we made rocket mice. It was great fun launching the across the classroom. We managed to find out onw major fact; the largest bottles made the mice fly the highest.

On Friday we had an inside picnic as it was raining. Thank you to everyone who attended.


In English, we have been studying The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. We have been fascinated by a lot of the amazing things they can do. We had a set of owl pellets delivered from an owl sanctuary. We ripped the pellets apart to find out what they had been eating. A lot of shrews were on their menu. We found skulls, parts of backbones and ribs and a few leg bones. One group even found parts of a mole!


We arrived back at school after the holidays to learn about St George. We are getting ready for St. George's day by finding out where he travelled to. Year two have been finding out about Lithuania. There was nobody better to teach us than the Daniele and Ariana. They prepared a great presentation about food, famous places and taught us to count in Lithuanian. Well done!

Congratulations to Christabel and Daniele for a wonderful singing performance for Cobden's Got Talent! We're proud of you both!


Congratulations to Ossy for winning the 'reading at home' prize for this half term. In well done assembly, Vienna and Leo were our Pupils of the Term for really improving the amount of work they are doing are being so much more confident!

We've completed our vehicles. We all did a great job using saws safely, finishing the ends with sand paper and attaching the axels. All the vehicles moved well and will hopefully still be in one piece when they get home!


We spent this week completing our dragon stories. In maths, we started looking at fractions- recognising halves and finding half and quarters of numbers. We also started making our vehicles. Step 1 was to make the vehicles body.


This week ended with snow and school had to close. Earlier in the week we started our Design and Technology unit about vehicles. We explored toy cars and looked at vehicles in the carpark.

Jaxx impressed us all this week with his knowledge about Mary Seacole. He produced a great comic strip to show events in her life. This pictures below show her not being allowed on a boat and then building her 'British Hotel' to help the soldiers.

On Friday we had our Year 2 'Cobden's Got Talent' auditions. Nearly all children shared some of their talents. We have footballers, singers, dancers, comedians, gymnasts, boxers and even a dinosaur impressionist!

A really enjoyable afternoon for all!

Well done to our two winners who were selected by the class; Christabel and Daniele for singing and Billy for boxing.


We started work on money, exchanging different values of coins. A difficult concept to grasp but a job well done by all!


World Book Day. After sharing our favourite books in assembly we met with Year 6. We all found partners and shared books from home and school.


It's been a lovely first week back after the half term break. There are sign of Spring and we've enjoyed getting outside more. We had some problem solving this week with the signs of a dragon getting into our classroom. We looked for evidence and made wanted posters.

We've also been looking at hygiene and how to be healthy. We investigated spreading germs by shaking hands. We found out the water didn't remove the germs and we needed soap to get rid of them.

To end the half term we watched 'How to Train Your Dragon'. This was a reward for all of the great behaviours on display.

We also had our 'reading at home' raffle. Congratulations to Christabel- a wonderfully enthusiastic reader!

Our History work has seen us finding out about the life of Florence Nightingale. We have been looking at famous pieces of art to find clues about her life. We also retold major events from her life.

It's been Story Telling Week. We had a focus on Roald Dahl's The Enormous Crocodile. We read a part everyday and it was greatly enjoyed. We also met with Year 6 for a reading session. 

This week we've had a skipping workshop. We learned lots on new skipping techniques. It was a real resilience test for lots of us. Many children could not skip and found it frustrating. We now have several months until we visit Armley Leisure Centre to compete against other schools. It will be exciting to see the progress we all make and how fit we can become!

This week we have been finding out about life in Jamaica. We baked Jamaican banana bun, carried out a weather survey and followed a live webcam. In music, we listened to the work of Bob Marley.

We also started to look at the work of our class composer, John Williams. Lots of us recognised some of his music that he'd written for famous films.

Ossy and Harlow were in well done assembly for sorting animals by asking yes/no questions.

Happy New Year!

A warm welcome back to everyone. We've had a good first week back at school. We've been reading stories by Anthony Browne, finding out about monkeys and gorillas.

Everyone has been making new year's resolutions; for school and at home.

We had a great last week before stopping for Christmas. We've finished our recording of the KS1 nativity. This is now available to view on Google Classroom!

Lincoln won our reading at home raffle and is now the proud owner of a Pokemon annual.

Massoud and Sienna were pupils of the term in our final assembly.

Wishing everyone a great Christmas and New Year!

Leeds has been chosen as the year of culture for 2023. To celebrate this we had a music workshop. We found out about famous Leeds musicians including the 1980s punk band, the Mekons. We made our own instruments and joined in with the rhythm. What do you think?


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It's been Anti-Bullying week. We started by looking at what makes us special and unique. Many of us wore odd socks. We then used our odd socks to make sock puppets. Watch the short video to find out how special we all are (one sock even speaks Lithuanian!) Later in the week we discussed how important it is to 'reach out' and talk to people and ask for help.

Odd Sock Day.mp4

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We were lucky to have our first ukulele lessons this week. We had to play "AA EE AA EE". Most of could do it really well.

Congratulations Hudson. You have won the reading at home prize from last half term. Enjoy reading Dogman!

The last week of this half term has brought lovely weather. We took the opportunity to get outside and go for a mini-beast hunt. Most children believed that we'd find a lot more minibeasts than we could. It prompted wonderful questions such as: Where do ladybirds go during winter? Do they hibernate? Why could we not find any crane flies during the day? This led to great research and some amazing new learning.

A huge thank you to all the parent's that attended parents' evening this week. It was lovely to share the good progress that all of your children are making. We had fun writing our own Wolfman stories and finding out about Michael Rosen. We'll be looking at a lot of his work throughout the year. We did a lot of mental work in maths, using our number bonds within longer addition problems.

We ended the week on Friday with Massoud's birthday. His parent brought in a lovely cake and snacks. A lovely end to a lovely week!

After practising adding in different ways, Jack produced excellent work to find all 24 combinations for adding 3 different numbers.

This week, we have been reading the story of The Stinky Cheeseman! It is very similar to a story we learned in Year 1, The Gingerbread Man- with quite a few changes. The story is very silly and we had the chance to change quite a few parts to make our own stories.

We have started our History topic, looking at the history of Farnley Hall. We walked to the park and spent the afternoon drawing and predicting what the hall was used for.

The lovely warm weather has allowed us to get outside and start our Science topic. We have been investigating what type of habitats woodlice like. We went collecting them then set up our own habitats. My favourite investigation was; do woodlice like pears or sweets? Leo and Annalise found out that they love pears!

A warm welcome back and a huge well done to all of Year Two. We've all settled in really well and I am pleased to say, all children have adjusted well to work expectations. We have started to look at the work of Berthe Morisot, our class artist. We have been writing each day to retell the story of The Three Little Pigs before looking at a new version next week.

Jaxx and Ashlyn represented Year Two in assembly on Friday with Harlie getting an Always Person award.

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 2 have experienced since starting school.