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Remote learning plan

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Update

Well done Summer. You are the winner of our reading at home prize!

Below is the amended plan for the Summer Term. As we have worked remotely for much of the Spring Term, we have adjusted when things are being taught.

We spent a hot day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We got a chance to see lots of animals we'd been learning about this year with our work on the 7 continents. Highlights were the wallabies, polar bears and giraffes.

We were also lucky to handle skulls of some of these animals!

Our fourth reading at home prize was won by .... Jack! This is the second time he's won the prize and well deserved as he reads EVERYDAY.

We have had a focus on Space for the last two weeks. We've learned about the moon landings 51 years ago and been writing newspaper reports. We have also had the chance to investigate rocket launching.

We designed and made rockets with nose cones and wings and launched them with a pump. We added water as a fuel and some of us got really wet!

We also made 'rocket mice'. These were launched by squashing the air out of bottles. We found out the best bottles to make the mouse fly the highest.

Jack has won the reading raffle for this term. It was fully deserved, reading lots and lots everyday. Enjoy the Easter Egg!

We have reached the last day of this very different term. There were two major events this week. We had a great Easter Egg trail around the school grounds and had our first 'environment day' to improve our school grounds. We went litter picking, gardening and built a 'bug garden'. This is an area that we can use everyday to dig and search for bugs. It was really hard work and we all went home very dirty!

We're back! It's been great to see everyone again after lockdown and having a full class. The next few weeks before Easter will be about getting back into routines, lots of social activities and getting back up to speed for learning. Be ready for very tired children coming home!

After ONE day we have found out that we will be working from home again. All work and communications will be through Google Classroom.

Welcome back! After a different Christmas for all it is good to get back to school. Please look at the topic map above for an overview of the work we will be covering this term.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Max won our raffle for children reading at home. He got a great book from our favourite author at the moment- Michael Rosen. Well done Max!
Jase won the award for the most original design. His first attempts kept tipping over until he solved the problem.
Some successful boats, and some not so good!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We had a great response to Christmas Jumper Day to help raise funds for Save the Children charity. Thank you all!
We made our first boats to test whether they float. Most did, some did not! We are testing next week which move the furthest.
Mrs Taylor is teaching us about different countries in Europe. Today we had the chance to meet a Flamenco dancer. We had a demonstration, tried our own moves and got to try on some of the equipment. It was great fun.
The male and female dancers wear different costumes.
Over the next few weeks, we are going to be building boats with sails to see which can move the furthest. To practice the skills of sail making we had a kite making afternoon. We found out that paper kites worked well initially but quickly broke!

Emily learns actions to the story Wolfman

Still image for this video
We have learning different stories and poems by the author Michael Rosen. One of our favourites was Wolfman. We learned action so we could remember the story to change another day and write our own versions.
In our PE lessons, we have been practising side stepping, skipping and hop-scotching. We had a big challenge to use these movements to create a mirror image with a partner. Look at the images below and see who is copying their partners movements.
World Mental Health Day was on October 10th. We spent a day discussing our feeling and emotions. It was difficult matching pictures to their meaning. Later we all discussed times that we have felt different emotions. We looked at how it feels to lose something important and that it is important to talk to people around us.
We have been testing different materials to find out whether they are absorbent. Flynn and Ty came up with a brilliant question to find out if all leaves are not absorbent. We think that living leaves do not absorb water but dead leaves do.
Mrs Taylor started teaching us about Europe. For her first lesson she took us to Spain. We all tried lots of Spanish food. Some were lovely, some of us didn't like the food. Next week we are expecting a visitor who will be teaching us about Spain. We are not sure what they will teach us yet.
In our reading lessons we are starting to learn how to infer information. We have been practising how to say things we think and things we know.
Jack taught us how to make puppet. We used these to talk about the feelings of the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf.
We are making the most of the lovely weather to exercise every day.
A big well done to all of Year Two. We've had a great first week back. Much of the time has been adapting to a new timetable and rules. There's lots and lots of handwashing to keep ourselves safe. All of the children have done really well in trying to keep their distance from others- it's not always easy but we are doing this most of the time. We started looking at the work of Claude Monet and produced some wonderful interpretations of The Water Lily Pond using water paints.
Welcome back to school to all. It's been a long time since some children have been in class. We have lots of exciting work planned and and are all keen to get back into a routine. We have two main aims; to ensure all children settle back into school safely, spending time with their friends and create social links with others and to ensure that children are learning and making up for any missed opportunities.

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 2 have experienced since starting school.