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This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

It will be updated every week of the school year to let you know what is happening in school.

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Spring Term Letters

Happy Birthday Hardy

Happy Birthday Hardy 1
Thanks for the lovely cake that you brought to school. The only problem was how to cut it into enough pieces for us all to share!

Finding out how to cut Hardy's cake into equal parts

WOW! We cannot believe how much we have learned about Islam. We had a very special visitor, Nabilah,  from the Leeds Grand Mosque. She told us all about the religion of Islam and what this means to her. Firstly, she told us her life story about living in Ireland and being a Christian. We were then amazed about how many things she told us that were the same that Muslims believe in, Christians believe in and people who are not religious believe in. Year Two's answers were amazing! Some great responses included Hardy's answer to what was the first thing on Earth "the space time continuum!" and Benjamin's theory that "Pangaea split into different parts to make the continents that we have today!"

We looked in the Qur'an and saw prayer mats. Some of us got to try on traditional Islamic clothing. Jenson found out that turbans were originally used to keep the sun off his head if he lived in a desert and his face covered to protect from sandstorms, a tradition that is still followed by many Muslims today. Idrissa shared lots of special moments that are special in his life and it was lovely to find about more what is important to him.


DT - working with fabric to create a finger puppet (first attempt)

Mr Witcomb talking about seaside holidays in the past as part of our history topic

Mr Witcomb talking about seaside holidays in the past as part of our history topic 1
Mr Witcomb talking about seaside holidays in the past as part of our history topic 2
Mr Witcomb talking about seaside holidays in the past as part of our history topic 3
Mr Witcomb talking about seaside holidays in the past as part of our history topic 4

Week beginning 10th June

We attended the skipping festival in Tuesday, coming first from the 6 schools that attended. Please look at some of the great photo on the PE page:



Skipping Festival Winning Team

Skipping Festival Winning Team 1
The last week before half-term saw us have a Science focus. The whole school tried to solve Mr Cattermoul's problem of finding the best biscuit for dunking. We created our own methods and ways to record. The results seem to show that shortbread was the best. We came up with a lot of reasons including being thick, having sugar on top and being long.

Which biscuit makes the best dunker?

Geography - Mapping and Direction Skills

Week beginning 7th May

The sunflower growing competition has begun! We all had our own ideas about what the ideal conditions are for growing a sunflower. Only time will tell which of our ideas work the best. We have been working hard to complete our reports on different mini-beasts. I never knew that aphids could be so exciting!

As we are now in the month of May, we have started our SATs testing. In small groups, we have all completed the arithmetic test. During the next couple of weeks we will attempt the maths reasoning, reading and the spelling/grammar test.


Week beginning 29th April

The first 5 day week for a while has enabled us to really concentrate on using written maths methods. Man of us have got really good at representing addition and subtraction problems with tens and ones. We also started looking at inverse operations and how + and - link to each other.

We have chosen our skipping team to represent our class in the competition in June. All children are part of one event which they will be trying to improve over the next couple of weeks.

Art - Making Minibeasts from natural materials

Which is your favourite type of lettuce?

Week beginning 15th April

For our new topic about plants, we have been looking at lettuce. We tried many different types and voted on our favourite taste. We are hoping to grow these later this term.

Our English work looked at instructions. We read really confusing instructions for how to plant seeds and all agreed that we can do a better job.

We are really pushing out times table work this term. Please practise your 2s, 5s and 10s as much as possible.

Week beginning 25th March

The term ended in amazing style with our annual Cobden's Got Talent competition. We were all amazed by the wonderful talents that Year Two displayed.

Firstly we had the wonderful singers: Lena, Jack, Chyna and Maya. They entertained us by singing Shotgun.

Then we had the most entertaining act of the afternoon, the dancing of Charlie, Hardy and Idrissa.

A HUGE well done for being so brave.

DT Project - Making Boats

Week beginning 11th March

In the first half of the Spring Term the children have been working on an exciting DT project. We have been working towards making a boat design, using balsa wood. The children began with some research by looking at different types of boats, materials that we could use to ensure our boats float on water and mechanisms to make sure they will move forward. We also found out interesting facts about balsa wood. We decided that this will be the best material for our boat designs. This week the children have finally made and tested their boats. It wasn’t very easy but everyone showed resilience. We worked in pairs so we could help each other and improve our designs even further.

Which shape of tea bag makes the quickest cup of tea?

Week beginning 25th February

Everyone has returned healthy and happy after half term. We got active straight away on Monday, practicing for our skipping competition. Further work this week has looked at a cup of tea. We found out what tea is, where most of it comes from and even discovered which shape of tea bag makes the quickest cup of tea! If you want advise on buying tea bags, ask someone from Year 2.

Week beginning 14th February

The final week before half term saw a visit from Ronnie the Rhino as a well done for working so hard with the Farnley Falcons coaches. Ronnie even joined us in class to learn some maths!


Answer for last week: I love ewe!

Spot the new member of Year Two!

Spot the new member of Year Two! 1

Week beginning 4th February

Creative week saw a focus on Chinese New Year. As a class we focused on sheep! We read lots of sheep fables and created our own versions by the end of the week. We found out lots of new facts- did you know that a sheep has 4 stomachs. We also had a go at weaving wool after making our own mini looms. Each day had a fun sheep joke. This was our favourite. What did the one sheep say to the other sheep on Valentines Day? Answer next week ...

Week beginning 28th January

Our journey around The Earth has taken us to North America. We have learned a lot about new places and enjoyed identifying the odd one out about different cities. Our English work saw us studying bears. We made notes about how to keep safe when you encounter a bear. After studying imperative verbs and practising writing in the present tense we drafted our 'how to survive a bear attack' instructions. We are looking forward to publishing them next week and seeing how accurate they are. They will be sent to Canada to be read by Gracie's Aunty Kim. I wonder if they will teach her anything new?

Week beginning 21st January

Our class novel of George's Marvellous Medicine has started really well. After reading the first couple of chapters, we are making a lot of predictions and making inferences about Grandma.

On Wednesday, we were joined by coached from the Farnley Falcons. They played many new games with us and helped improve our fitness.


A special computing well done assembly saw Jack receive an award for asking questions to sort databases.


Week beginning 14th January

Further work on South America saw us complete our adventure stories. These included kayaking down the Amazon River and overcoming several problems including a crocodile attack, a hole in our boat and travelling down a waterfall. We also start looking at how to infer when reading. We have been thinking of things that we know and what we think is happening.

In Maths we have been looking at adding two 2 digit numbers.

Week beginning 7th January

We have started back after Christmas with a big focus on times tables. We used Rock Star Times Tables to help our recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We started a new topic about Journeys. We are spending our first couple of weeks travelling down the Amazon River in South America before visiting the other 6 continents and even exploring space!

A special Geography well done assembly saw Gracie and Benjamin share their knowledge of the continents and share plans they have made for their own research.

Week beginning 17th December

To finish our topic of the Great Fire of London, we took some of our models of London's wooden houses and investigated whether the fire would spread. We lit the fire in pudding Lane bakery.

Picture 1
Picture 2
We then watched as the fire quickly spread through the other buildings until they were all destroyed.
We had a great Christmas party and dinner.
Picture 1

Week beginning 10th December

We all enjoyed performing our Christmas play. Thank you for everyone that came to watch. Some of the best photos are below.

Picture 1

Week beginning 3rd December

The countdown to Christmas has started! We have started our production practices and all children in Year Two have spoken roles. Please can you help with these lines at home. The performance is on Thursday 13th December at 2PM.

Lots of maths work has been completed on fractions and we have made great progress in finding fraction amounts and are starting to find equivalences. We had a sprout testing day on Monday. I was very surprised how popular they were! We used this to create sprout stories.

Week beginning 19th November

Much of this week has been spent working on our D&T project. We have been looking at he Great Fire of London and reasons for the fire spreading so far. We have been making replica houses out of wood. Working in small groups, we have been measuring carefully and cutting wood to exact lengths. When our structures are built we are going to decorate them to look like the original houses.

We have been reading Samuel Pepys diary entries and looking at artifacts to find out more about the times.

On Thursday we had Takeover Day. We had lots of new teachers. Paige and Eden from Year 6, Caryn from Year 5 and KC-ann from Year 4 did a great job reaching us new things. Some of us got to visit other classes. Gracie taught Year 4 and even went swimming. Elishia worked in the office, Mialilly and Jack spent the afternoon in Year 3.

Week beginning 12th November

Elmer Poetry Performance

Still image for this video

Toy Story Rap

Still image for this video

Week beginning 5th November

We started the new half term on Bonfire Night. We made our own bonfire and found out a lot of information about Guy Fawkes.

We also had a bug tasting session. We had found out about why insects are a good food source and why scientist believe we will be eating more in the future. See if you can tell which of the brave volunteers in the pictures below liked the insects and which did not!

Week beginning 22nd October


A Day at Bolton Abbey

We parked up quietly. The journey lasted one whopping hour! When we got there I went to the toilet.

We had a tour of the Abbey. Some people were given book marks. The vicar showed us the big doors.

Later we sat down for lunch. Mr and Mr D both had cheese and onion crisps. It was fun.

Our first challenge was the spider's web. Our last challenge was called the scramble net.

We went over the stepping stones. Lena stepped in the water and got her boot wet. It was funny!

We finally started to come home. In total, the journey there and back was 2 hours. 

Bolton Abbey was great.

By Benjamin

Picture 1
Picture 2

Bolton House in front of Bolton Abbey

Bolton House in front of Bolton Abbey 1

A Tour Inside the Abbey

The End of a Fun Day

The End of a Fun Day 1

Week beginning 15th October

Lots of practice this week at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Many of us got to use this skill to solve problems. In English we worked at improving our stories. We all have very clear targets for how to make improvements and it was lovely to see so much progress in one week. A special well done to Lena and Jack, who showed their work in well done assembly, for their improvement with their sentence structure. Friday saw us have a hedgehog focused day, reading, making and hunting for facts!


Week beginning 8th October

To help us get ready for our school trip to Bolton Abbey in two weeks, we spent a day looking at our feet. We measured them and compared our size with others. Lots of us came up with great statements to investigate. Some of my favourites were that the longest feet belong to the tallest people, oldest people, boys or people who are good at spelling. We tested all of these, an many more theories,, and discovered that there is no pattern!

The new running track has been great fun and is starting to make a positive impact on our fitness already.

Week beginning 1st October

This week we have been sewing. This will exercise our hands to help our hand writing. In English we have read Not Now Bernard and written our own stories. Mine was about my auntie and cousin. I got eaten up by the monster. On Friday, we learned about road safety. We crossed over the road with Chris. We also learned the Green Cross Code.

By Mayaheart


Week beginning 24th September

This week we have been practicing giving complements. Georgia and Jack walked past us all and received a complement from everyone. We had the job at the end to see whether this made them feel happy ...

As you can see, the complements made us feel really happy!
Picture 1
Picture 2
We also looked at the picture book called Not Now Bernard. We are using the pattern and repetition of the the story to write our own versions. 

Week beginning 17th September

Much of our work this week has been about asking and answering questions. We had a lot of drama lessons, taking the roles of Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver from Esio Trot and the Troll and Goats from Three Billy Goats Gruff. We learned about question starters. By the end of the week we wrote interesting conversations about what would happen if our pets could talk!

Week beginning 10th September

Lots of work has been started on times tables. We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and starting to calculate times table questions. Work in English has focused around nouns. We have found them, sorted them and sang songs about them. We also started some of our topic work, looking at why London is famous. A very big well done for all of the fabulous homework that was returned. We had models, pictures, diagrams, written explanations and photographs. A lot of hard work has taken place, looking for different materials at home.

Making Material Eating Monsters

Week beginning 4th September

Year Two have had a fantastic first week back at school. From the first day we have had smiles and lots of hard work and effort in everything we have done. We have completed lots of place value work, looking at tens and ones. A daily run/walk has started to improve our fitness and our handwriting lessons are already showing a great improvement. We started our new Science topic about materials by making material eating monsters. 

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