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This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

It will be updated every week of the school year to let you know what is happening in school.

Autumn Term Newsletter and Topic Map

We've had a lot of fun looking at characters from different stories. We wrote letters to Humpty Dumpty to offer advice and help stop him cracking. We also made our own Humpty Dumpty characters. Some came to a sticky end before they were made, some didn't survive the fall from the wall and only 6 remained intact at the end of the lesson. We realised that some materials were fantastic at providing protection.

Abbie and Natalia's Florence Nightingale Humpty Dumpty

Abbie and Natalia's Florence Nightingale Humpty Dumpty 1

Some didn't survive

Some didn't survive 1
Some didn't survive 2
We really enjoyed the workshop provided by the staff from Thakray Medical Museum. First we experienced lots of things that Florence Nightingale would have encountered. Favourites were the bed pans and the smells of urine and sweaty feet.
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Picture 2
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Picture 5
Picture 6
Later we all took the role of a person at Scutari hospital. The boys were porters and the girls nurses. We traveled to the hospital, cleaned it the looked after an injured solider. We did a great job looking after Harvey. Later we all slept as Florence Nightingale came around with her lamp to check on him.
Our Science work led us to prove whether brick houses were stronger than stick and straw houses. We were all amazed that many of us proved this wrong. It wasn't just the materials but how the house was built. Natalia built a brick house that was easily blown over with a hair dryer.
Our Harvest Festival was a great success. Many thanks for all of the donations. We had five boxes full of food that will be a very welcome support for others. The performance was also wonderful to see. We were all delighted with the strong, clear voices from children with spoken lines and the enthusiastic singing and dancing from all.
This week we have been really challenging ourselves with active learning. In PE we have been learning how to gallop, side step and hop scotch. Some of us tried completing hop scotch by swapping legs and got in a real muddle! We played lots of Maths games outside when it was not raining, creating two digit numbers by grouping with friends. Mrs Spokes continued to learn harvest songs, ready for our performance.
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A huge well done to all of Year Two. There has been a tremendous effort with homework and attendance. We've been working on writing a version of Jim and the Beanstalk, learning how to use conjunctions. Place value work in maths has led to us adding and taking away tens and ones. Friday saw us have our colour day. We experimented with colours to represent mood of pieces of music and created our own patterns with natural colours from berries and leaves. The day ended with the Colour Run. We completed an obstacle course and got really messy with lots of colours of paint. 
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This week we have been busy learning to retell the story of Jim and the Beanstalk. All of the children have used a text map to help remember and act out the story. We are going to use this to write the story next week. In Maths we have been splitting numbers into tens and ones. On Thursday, we had a visit from the company D:Side. Dave taught us about friendships, being special and how our body works.

Jim and the Beanstalk

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Welcome back!

Year two have had a really positive first week back at school. Their behaviours have been really impressive, being keen to work and having lots of enthusiasm. We have been looking at the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk- with a slight change! Please ask your children how much of the story they can remember. Our topic work about Florence Nightingale focussed in asking question about a picture of her.

If you haven't looked at it yet, please go through the newsletter and topic map above to find out the other plans for this term.