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Full Governing Body Meetings

Full Governors’ Meetings

There are four meetings of the full governing body every year. The first meeting is in September and this is when we vote for the chair and vice-chair. We also decide who is going to sit on each committee and which governors will take specific responsibility for various key aspects of school life such as attendance, safeguarding and SEN.

At the three other meetings of the year, we discuss reports from the Headteacher and the three sub-committees and discuss and make decisions that are too important to be left to the sub-committees. We look at the actions we have agreed on in previous meetings and check to see if they have been carried out and if they have been effective. This information is on the school website because of something we discussed. Sometimes, we ask one of the subject-leaders to come and talk to us about a new development on the curriculum and, once a year, we ask the school council to come and meet with us. This is usually our favourite meeting!

We usually have some extra meetings each year. We might be preparing a new action plan for the governing body, joining a staff meeting or participating in some whole school training.