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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three

Class Teacher: Mrs Duckmanton


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Remote learning plan

Fruity investigation!

In science, as part of our topic on plants, we investigated whether large fruits have the most seeds. We investigated strawberries, mango, bananas, melon, avocado, tomatoes and grapes. We sliced the fruit and carefully counted the seeds. Lots of children were surprised to find a banana has seeds!  I'll leave it to your child to explain what we found out. When we had finished our investigation, we ate all the fruit - yum!

Money week...and more!

Year 3 returned to school raring to go after the Easter holidays. This week was money week in maths. We have been trying hard to work out change from £1. We did this using the 'greengrocer method' (just like your change is counted out in shops) We will return to this later, if you could work on this at home, that would be great.

We all enjoyed reading 'The Iron Man'.  We worked on building suspense by using short sentences in the style of Ted Hughes when writing a story based on St George and the Dragon. 

Here are our super dragon pictures to illustrate the story....

Reading at Home raffle winner

Year 3 are continuing to do a great job reading at home and are being rewarded with house points and raffle tickets. This half term's lucky winner was Abbie, who won a delicious Easter egg!

Please keep up the good work with reading at home - wonder who the raffle winner will be next half term?

"Easter Egg" Hunt

Today we got out in the fresh air to do some 'active maths'. The children had to find 'Easter Eggs' hidden around the school grounds and solve some maths problems. Each answer corresponded to a code letter which enabled the children to respond to an Easter question. Everyone got a chocolate lolly as a reward for great maths work...

Home reading

During lockdown we have continued to enjoy reading by providing e-books via Google Classroom. We have enjoyed an adventure story, a fantasy story and a range of poems. We have continued to use the strategies we follow at school ("Reading Vipers") and have focused on comprehension questions based on Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining, Retrieving and Summarising/Sequencing.


We were so excited to return to class after the break, then, the country went into lockdown again! Some children are still coming into school, while others are doing their learning remotely using Google Classroom.

Thank you to everyone for your support at this time. I know helping your child at home with their learning is not always easy (I have three sons, and let's just say over the last week, Google has been my friend to help them do their online work!)

The children have been doing some fantastic learning and we have really enjoyed seeing how they have responded to this challenge. Here's an example; this week we did a maths reasoning task based on working out how many blocks would be needed to build blocks of stairs using different numbers of up/down steps. Here are some photos showing solutions from Riley, Abbie, Lexi and Sophie...

Christmas Dinner!

The kitchen staff worked really hard to prepare a delicious Christmas Dinner. We ate it in class with our friends. We had lots of fun sharing crackers and Christmas jokes!

Christmas Jumper Day

Thank you for all your kind donations, the children looked amazing in their Christmas jumpers as you can see!

Reading at home Raffle!

The children have been working really hard reading at home - each time they read they earn THREE housepoints and a raffle ticket. This term's lucky winner was Harvey...

Design Technology - Photo frames

We made a design brief, then made our frames using wood and cardboard. We found measuring the wood and using the saws quite tricky, but as you can see our frames look amazing....

Anti-Bullying Week

To start anti-bullying week we came to school wearing odd socks. This was to show that everyone is unique and to celebrate our differences. We will be talking about bullying all week in class and our suggestions will be used to re-write the school anti-bullying policy. Here are our fantastic socks and the work we did in PSHE.

Reading Vipers

Your child may have mentioned "Reading Vipers" this is a new way to focus the children's attention on reading comprehension skills. As you can see from this photo, each letter of "Vipers" addresses a different reading skill....

We love reading!

This week we have finished our class text, "The Hodgeheg" by Dick King-Smith. Ask your child to explain why it's a hodgeheg, not a hedgehog! We've started to read "The Secret of Platform 13" by Eva Ibbotson which is full of amazing descriptions of a hidden magical world. We've also nearly finished our class story, "Stitch Head" a really funny book by Guy Bass which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. I believe he has written more books featuring this character so keep an eye out for them....


Year 3 "I read at home" raffle winner!

Last year we started a raffle to encourage reading at home - every time a child read at home they were given a raffle ticket. Unfortunately, as we went into lockdown, we were unable to draw the winners, so we have just drawn the winning ticket from last year's entries, and the lucky winner was Ella!

We will now be starting a new reading raffle - you have to be in it to win it, so we're looking forward to giving out lots of raffle tickets for home reading next week!

Remembrance Day

We have been learning why people wear poppies, and the children have all been very keen to support the Poppy Appeal. We made our own poppies in class and will be bringing them home this evening - you could display them in your house or garden....

Fossil exploration

As part of our continuing science topic on rocks and soils, we have been looking really carefully at fossils and trying to deduce which animal or plant they came from.

Mindful Minis

We had a visitor who showed us how to do some mindful breathing techniques and yoga poses.

Stone Age cave art

We have been looking at images of cave art from around the world. We learned how stone age people used natural materials to create art on cave walls. We created our own images using chalk pastels.

Black History Month

We have been exploring the work of the British poet Benjamin Zephaniah. We watched a video of his poem 'People need people' and discussed the images shown. We talked about why the sentiment of this poem is so important at the current time. I'll post a link to the video on Google classroom if you would like to share this with your child.

Y3 homework rocks!

This week for homework we set three tasks, the children could choose which one to do. Making edible rocks proved to be the most popular option, and we had some fantastic photos sent in to Google classroom so we could see the children's work. I'm assured that the edible rocks were delicious! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this task everyone!

Christmas comes early to Cobden?

If your child has come home and told you we've been doing Christmas cards in class, we have! We have entered a competition to design a Christmas card for local MP, Rachel Reeves. The theme this year is "key workers" so we tried to include elements of this in our designs. Fingers crossed that one of our children's pictures is printed as the winning card this year,,,

World Mental Health Day, October 10th

In class we have been talking about maintaining our mental well-being. We did a guided meditation where we focussed on a sound (a triangle ringing) to calm our minds. We then did some mindfulness doodling while we listened to some relaxing natural sounds, like waves crashing on the shore. If you would like to do some simple mindful exercises I have posted some ideas on our Google classroom page.

Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, we have been learning about Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space. We will revisit Jemison's achievement later in the year when we do our 'Explorers' topic in the summer term...

Stone age clay work

We looked at photographs of stone age carvings. If you want to see some you can head out on Ilkley and Baildon moors to find some! (Ilkley Moor - the Swastika Stone, and cup and ring marked rocks near Dobrudden campsite in Baildon)

We couldn't carve rocks so we used clay to create similar patterns....

English activities

In reading lessons we have been using a non-fiction book to find out about stone age animals. We also enjoyed reading, 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth'. We wrote our own instructions for 'How to clean a sabre toothed cat's teeth' using imperative (bossy) verbs. This week we have been using our inference skills to pick up clues from pictures in 'Stone Age Boy'. This week homework is on Google Classroom and there's a great clip of a storyteller reading the book. Check it out.....

Collaborative art work

We worked as a team to create a piece of art. Each child had a quarter of a circle to decorate with a pattern using wax pastels.

Den building day!

As a team building activity, and to support our work on Stone Age shelters, we had a den building day. The weather wasn't too good, but we had a brilliant time building structures. To test the strength of the dens, Chris threw water on them. Some of us got a bit wet, but all the dens remained standing! Fantastic teamwork, Year 3!

Our emotional register...

This week in class the children will be expressing their emotions; they each have a peg and will move it to show how they feel each day. This will help the adults in class to identify children who may need to talk...

Finding out about one another...

We have been chatting about our favourite things and some of our hopes and aspirations for the future. We have turned these into photo collages. Here are a few examples of our work.

Active Maths

We played a game on the playground, each coloured band represented a different number. When a number was called we had to form "sticky" groups to make the total of the number.

We're back!

First Day in Year 3

It was great to meet everyone today. There were smiles all around and the children coped well with the new routines. Well done, everyone!

Welcome back!

Hello, and welcome to Year 3. I very much enjoyed reading all the lovely letters you wrote to me at the end of Year 2 and I am really looking forward to meeting you in person. School may look a bit different, but please don't worry, we will still have fun and we have lots of exciting learning experiences waiting for you....


Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 3 have experienced since starting school.