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What is an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

What is an EHCP and how do I get one?


An Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) describes your child’s special educational needs (SEN) and the help they will get to meet them. An EHCP also includes any health and care provision that is needed. It is a legal document written by the local authority and is intended to ensure that children and young people with an EHCP receive the support they need.

EHCPs are for children and young people who need more support than their school or other setting can provide.


Who needs an EHC Plan (EHCP)?

EHCPs are for children and young people who have a special educational need or disability that cannot be met by the support that is generally available at school. Most children with special educational needs will have help given to them without the need for an EHCP. This is called SEN support. Some children may not make the progress expected of them even with this help. When this happens, the Local Authority carry out an EHC needs assessment. A few children have such significant difficulties or needs that an EHC needs assessment should not be delayed. You or school can ask the local authority to make an EHC needs assessment. When this assessment is finished, the local authority must decide whether to issue an EHCP.


Talk with our SENCo about the need for an EHCP as good communication and understanding help make the process more successful.