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Science - Investigating the digestive system

In science we have been learning about the digestive system. We investigated practially, creating our own digestive system using household items. After breaking down the food in the 'stomach' (plastic bags), it then travelled through the intestines (tights), removing all the nutrients the body needs as it did so. After that, the waste was transferred to the large intestine and we created our own 'poo'. A very messy but fun afternoon!

We had a great day with Mick from HMP not for me learning lots of different things about prison, the police and crime scenes. 

Dave from the ambulance service came to visit school and he gave us a talk about his job and a tour of his ambulance. He talked about his role, how we can help someone if they are in trouble and what it is like to be a paramedic. It was really interesting and we asked lots of very good questions. Thank you Maisie for sending your letter which encouraged them to come in!

Investigating adaptation

In science we have been learning about Darwin's theory of evolution and how animals evolve and adapt to their environment.  We learned about Darwin's voyage to the Galapagos and how he recognised birds of the same species with different beak types. We then investigated how these beaks might be used effectively to catch food. We investigated using a variety of equipment as the beak such as tweezers, scissors, a teaspoon and a clothes peg. Then, we had to try and pick up different 'foods' using these 'beaks' which was a lot trickier than it sounds!

On Thursday we we're able to visit Yeadon Tarn. We had three activities to do: orienteering, problem solving and kayaking. The other two were fun but the best was jumping into the tarn. The cold water took some of use by surprise but it was nice to cool down as it got a bit hot. A great day for our last Cobden trip!

This week we have been learning more about North America and all the biomes that occur within North America. We have also been doing lots of map work and identifying the biomes of major cities in North America.

We finished our letters of complaint to Mr K and Mrs Head and can't wait for a reply. We worked hard on our formal writing but also tried to use some persuasion too. 

In maths we worked on fraction, decimal and percentage equivalences. This was tricky at first but we got through it and made some great progress.

Our Well Done Assembly pupils were Ellie W and Eva. They are both always pupils and have both made lots of progress in maths recently. Well done girls!

A classification investigation: how random are randoms?

In science, we have been looking at classification. After last week, when we classified animals with our own headings, we discussed how taxonomists classify based on scientific fact. Some girls asked - can all things be classified? We investigated how random Rowntrees Randoms were using our own classification tables. We classified in pairs and thought of how we could create smaller groups thinking about: material, texture, colour, size and filling. Then, as a class, we compared to see if anyone had similar results. We concluded that... Randoms are completely random!

Remote learning plan

Christmas craft

Cobden House Captains Meet Rachel Reeves MP

Chopin's music

After writing biographies about Chopin, we listened carefully to his work. We tried to visualise what his work made us think of and how it made us feel.

Britain at War

We have been learning about WW1 and WW2 and have produced, letters, diaries, fact sheets and poems. Look at some of our work above. 

Space themed science projects

I've been so impressed with the time and effort taken for these science projects linked to our topic about Space. We've had pictures, models, research, presentations - all sorts! Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to complete this at home. I've taken pictures of just a few and will look to try and get other work on the website such as the constellations, fact files and research presentations when I can. 

Mr K laugh

Ilkley Moor Trip

On Friday we went on our trip to Ilkley Moor. The walk was tough and some of us fell into some muddy puddles but we had a great time. We stopped at a tarn to do some landscape drawings. We spotted lots of local wildlife (mostly sheep) and even had a talk about the geology of Ilkley Moor. What a great day!

Wonderful Warhol

We have created some art in the pop art style of Andy Warhol. The children worked hard to use bold clear lines and vivid colours. Can you guess who they are?

Welcome back!

I hope you had a good holiday and managed to have some fun. It's been great to see you all after so long off. We have a great year planned. 

This week we focused on our recovery curriculum and looked at mental wellbeen and  what tools we could use if we were'nt feeling great. 

We started looking at basic punctuation straight away and even looked at some new punctuation just for year 5. 

In maths, we started with place value and everybody did a fantastic job of remembering so much from last year. 

Below are some of the exciting memories that children who are currently in Year 6 have experienced since starting school.