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Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher: Mrs Duckmanton


This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

It will be updated every week of the school year to let you know what is happening in school.

Please look at the top of this page to remember what we did last year.

Den Building Day!

As part of our 'Outdoor and Adventurous Activities' for PE, we had a den building day. It was great to work cooperatively with our friends to plan and build a den. We used canes, tubes and cable ties to construct a frame, we then used tarps to cover the frame. We worked really hard, so to keep our strength up Mrs D. cooked some hot dogs on a camping stove. We spent some time playing in our dens, then came the best part of the day - testing how strong they were! We had to sit in our dens while Chris and Mr Geraldi threw buckets of water on top! Some of us got quite wet - but we had a fantastic time...

Week beginning 24th June

This week was "Health Week". In addition to our usual PE lessons we have been thinking about our mental and emotional health. We had a relaxing afternoon doing some mindfulness colouring, and also did some fun yoga excercises to stretch out our muscles.

Investigating Plants!

As part of our Science topic about plants, we have started to investigate what happens to seeds if the growing conditions are changed. Some of the plants have no access to air, some have no light, some have no water and some don't even have soil! We have tried to use fair testing methods to make sure the investigation is as accurate as possible so we have to keep some things the same. The pots are all the same size and the amount of soil was the same.

What do you think will happen to the seeds? Will they all grow in the same way?

Week beginning 3rd June

This week it's our turn to look after the school guinea pigs, Esteban and Galleta. Each day it has been one group's responsibility to feed the guinea pigs, take them outside to their run for fresh air and exercise, and of course, give them lots of cuddles.

In maths we have all been working on the grid method of multiplication, and in English we have been writing reports about hedgehogs, based on our reading of the Dick King-Smith novel "The Hodgeheg."

In PE we have started work on athletics to prepare for sports day.

Week beginning 7th May

In PSHE we have been learning about the dangers of smoking. When the rain finally stopped this week, we all enjoyed an active maths lesson, searching for pairs of tenths fractions that made one whole. We also played "hot potato" counting up and down in tenths. Some of us managed to count in decimals bridging one. The children wrote some creative poems about the Northern Lights, and included some very effective similes.

Week beginning 29th April

We have been busy weeding our vegetable patch; our potatoes are slowly growing but the weeds are growing much faster!

In class we have been writing a newspaper report based on one of Hilaire Belloc's "Cautionary Tales" poems. In maths some of us explored parallel and perpendicular lines and we have all been working hard on our division facts. Some quick fire questions at home would help to consolidate this.

In PE in outdoor and adventurous activities we did some simple orienteering using an aerial map of the grounds to locate objects that had been hidden.

Week beginning 23rd April

After a lovely bank holiday weekend we returned to school to celebrate St. George's Day. We found out why St. George is the nation's patron saint and in English we followed some written instructions to draw a detailed drawing of a dragon.

Week beginning 15th April

This week we have welcomed Miss Hamer to our class, she will be working with us until the end of the year.

We have been writing a science fiction story, trying to include lots of descriptive language for a very scary Martian! We've made the most of the good weather to get outside for "active maths" We had to find the clocks hidden around the grounds and record the times they showed. Year 3 are finding telling the time using analogue (with hands) clocks a little bit tricky, so any work you can do on time at home would help. By the end of the year we expect Year 3 children to be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.


In PE (this half term Thursdays and Fridays) we did some problem solving games such as "Cross the River". Children had to use their teamwork skills.

Investigative Science - 26.03.2019

We have been learning about our bodies and have been really interested in finding out more about our skeletons. To find out how the skull protects the brain, we all had a chance to make some great structures. 

After moulding playdough into a brain shape, we then used straws, paper and masking tape to create a skull-type structure which could help to keep our brains from getting hurt. 

When all the structures were made, we then tested the strength of them by balancing as many cubes as we could before they collapsed. Two teams' structures even managed to stay standing after having 190 cubes on top and were the winners!


Week beginning 18th March

The highlight of this week was our long awaited production of "Cinders" We all worked as a team to help with the singing and acting. The play seemed to be enjoyed by the rest of the school and our friends and family who came to watch it on Thursday afternoon....

Year 3/4 production of 'Cinders'

Week beginning March 11th

This week we have been rehearsing our play, 'Cinders'. In class we have been making model shadufs. Shadufs were used in Ancient Egypt (and are still used today) to move water from the River Nile to water crops. Check out our photos....

Week beginning March 4th

Wow! We've been extremely busy this week. We had a visitor from the Dog's Trust who told us how to care for our pets. We had a great trip to Bagshaw Museum where we handled 3000 year old objects, did a sand tray dig like an archaeologist, made a cartouche on real papyrus and wrapped one of our classmates up as a mummy. We also learned a lot by looking around the gallery; however, the highlight for most of the children was.......the gift shop!

Back at school we took part in World Book Day by joining in with the BBC live lesson. We designed posters warning of the dangers of the 'Anti-Word League'. Hope the children enjoy spending their vouchers on some lovely new books.

Week beginning 25th February


This week we enjoyed the unseasonably good weather and played French cricket outside in PE. We also did active maths - calculations were hidden around the grounds and we had to find them and mark them off on a bingo board. We got in the mood for our trip to Bagshaw museum next week by reading and watching "The Story of Osiris" We then made a class storyboard version of the story.

Picture 1

Greasy crisps - an investigation into saturated fat!

As part of our Science topic, we have been learning all about what is in the food that we eat. To find out more about the saturated fat that is in food, we did an investigation to try and find out which crisps were the greasiest by crushing them up and then looking at the grease they had left on the paper. It turned out that the crisps that left the biggest grease marks were also the ones with the highest amount of saturated fat levels when we looked at the nutritional information on the packaging. We all know that crisps are very tasty but should we be eating so many?!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week beginning 4th February

This week was "Creative Week" around school - each class took an animal from the Chinese New Year story as a stimulus for work. Year 3 did creative activities around the theme of the monkey. In English we wrote poems about monkeys. In art, we explored the proverb of the 'Three Wise Monkeys' - hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil and came up with our own responses to this in our sketchbooks. We watched two videos, one from 'The Jungle Book' and one from the band Coldplay 'Adventure of a Lifetime' and compared and discussed similarities and differences. In PE we danced to both pieces of music using our own monkey moves. We finished the week with "The Chopstick Challenge" and used chopsticks to see how many hula hoop crisps we could pick up in 30 seconds. The winner, Casey-Leigh, managed a speedy fifteen!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week beginning 28th January

This week we were very proud of two of our classmates who were selected to attend a pentathlon event. Brydon and Mia-rose did our school proud and both came back to school sporting special t-shirts and medals!

Week beginning 21st January

This week, as part of our PHSE curriculum (Personal, Social and Health Education) we had a visit from D:side. We learned a lot about how to stay safe when we are online. We discussed which games are suitable for our age group to play on. We also discussed how important it is not to tell people our full names or personal details such as addresses and the school we go to when we're chatting online. Our visitor explained that it is impossible to tell who is behind a username, and that online profiles can be made up.

Week beginning 14th January

This week we have been busy printing. We painted a colour wash background paper, then made string covered printing blocks. We applied printing ink to the blocks and printed some attractive designs.

Week beginning 7th January

Happy New Year!

It was great to see everyone back after the Christmas holidays. This week in maths we have been looking at different ways of remembering how many days are in each month. This was set for homework, so hopefully the children have been sharing their learning with you. Some of us also looked at Roman numerals and made clocks.

We have all been excited to look after the school guinea pigs this week and in English did a reading comprehension to find out more about these fascinating animals. Next week in science we plan to find out about the sorts of food they like eating....

Week beginning 17th December

This week we all had great fun watching the pantomime "Puss In Boots". We also enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner in class.


Panto! 1
Panto! 2

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner 1
Christmas Dinner 2

Week beginning 10th December

Here we are raising money for "Save the children"on Christmas Jumper Day.

Picture 1
We also finished our calendars ready to take home as a gift for our families....
Picture 1

Week beginning 3rd December

We have finished our picture frames in DT and have started making decorations for the Christmas tree and Christmas cards.

In English we have been trying to use speech marks to add interest to our writing, and in maths we have been finding fractions of amounts.

Week beginning 26th November

We have been learning about fractions in maths this week. It would be great if the children could do some practical activities at home to reinforce this; perhaps they could cut toast into quarters, or share sweets evenly between a number of bowls?

We've also almost finished the picture frames we're making in DT. The children have been really busy measuring and cutting wood and constructing their frames with cardboard corners. We'll add some embellishments next week to finish off our project.

Week beginning 19th November

Thursday was takeover day - several members of our class were busy around school doing various jobs such as working in the office and the kitchen. We also had some visitors in our class, with children taking over the jobs of all the adults in class. We did some fun activities. In active maths we worked in groups to chalk huge clocks on the playground and move the hands around to show the times. In PE we did lots of exercise to tunes from "Just Dance"


Week beginning 12th November

We have been doing rugby skills in PE with Matty from Leeds Rhinos. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
It's also been Poetry week in school, so we started it off with an exciting poetry workshop - check out our photos and video...

Limerick Performance Poetry

Still image for this video

Kayarna receives a personal limerick

Still image for this video

Week beginning 5th November

We celebrated Bonfire night in maths by constructing 3D shapes from nets and decorating them to look like fireworks. We found out all about the Gunpowder Plot and learned a rhyme to help us remember the key facts. You may remember this rhyme from your own school days...


Remember, remember, the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

Picture 1

Week beginning 15th October

This week we welcomed parents into school for Year Three's class assembly. We shared photos and information about our school trip, and talked about our Stone Age topic. We finished with a really silly Stone Age song - lots of people have told us what an "ear worm" it was - they've been humming it all week!


In class we've been watching some performance poetry on the smart board. We loved Michael Rosen's "I was born in the Stone Age" poem, and I promised the class we'd also watch his "Chocolate Cake" poem another day. I was very impressed that some children went home that evening and found the poem on the internet themselves. Such a pleasure to teach children who are so engaged in our learning!


We did watch the poem in class - I'm sure the children's laughter could be heard all around school...

Week beginning 8th October

This week in school the class made Stone Age style bowls using clay. 


On Wednesday we went on our class trip up to the Yorkshire Dales. 


First Stop was Coldstones Cut, the biggest and highest sculpture in Yorkshire. We climbed a big hill to reach the sculpture and looked out from the viewing platform at Coldstones Quarry. We've been learning about rocks in science so it was great to see how the rocks are blasted and crushed ready to be used for building.


Next we went to Brimham Rocks. Here we saw how time and weathering from wind and ice has shaped the rocks into weird and wonderful formations. We explored the site, climbed, crawled, jumped and generally had fun!

Check out our photos....


Week beginning 1st October

This week was parents' evening; it was great to meet so many of you.

The children have been doing some pre-learning about the locations we are visiting on our school trip next week. We looked at aerial photos of Coldstones Cut, the highest and biggest sculpture in Yorkshire, which includes a viewing platform to the Coldstones quarry. The children are really looking forward to watching all the dumper trucks and rock crushing equipment in action. We found out that the rocks at Brimham were originally formed by a river, but have also been shaped by wind and ice over the years.

On a more local front, the children have been fascinated by the construction of the new running track at school, and have spent a lot of time observing the builders from our classroom windows!

The week finished off with a visit from the road safety team.

Week beginning 24th September

This week we celebrated European day of languages in class. We did the register in Spanish, then played a game where we role played the doctor asking a patient how they were. We had to roll a dice to reply, "great, okay or terrible," in Spanish.

In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) we have been discussing our mental and emotional well-being. Today we discussed things which made us angry and frustrated - the children made some very thoughtful contributions. We then explored a few strategies to help us manage our frustrations:

  • take three deep breaths
  • walk away
  • think some happy thoughts then try again
  • try to explain in words how you feel

Learning About Cigarettes

This week, we had a visit from d:side who came to talk to us all about smoking. Dave explained what exactly is in a cigarette and we were very disgusted to know they contain horrid chemicals like toilet cleaner and rat poison!!

We found out how smoking can affect our lungs and also how much money it costs to smoke - we all decided we would prefer to buy lots of lovely things than to buy cigarettes when we are older.

Week beginning 17th September

Another busy week! In gymnastics the children put lots of energy into warm up exercises and then worked on short routines which involved travelling across the mat.

In RE we listened to a story about Abraham and Sarah. Abraham is believed to be the father of Judaism.

In History we looked at where early man came from and how the population spread around the globe. Some children had some great ideas about why this happened and we discussed the problems of being a hunter-gatherer.

We also found out why it's called "The Stone Age" Ask your son/daughter and see if they can tell you all about it....

Week beginning 10th September

This week we've been working really hard on place value in maths, including a great "active maths" session outdoors where the children ran relay races to collect digit cards and then made the smallest/biggest number with their team.

On Wednesday we had a "Rock Star Times Tables" day in school, so we had fun trying to improve the speed we could answer our times table questions.

In music this week we listened to "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson and discussed whether or not we liked the track and tried to explain our reasons.

Lots of house points were awarded to all children who brought their homework back to school - thank you parents for your support!

Week beginning 4th September

We have had a great start to the new school year. It was great to see some children return their summer busy books to school. We've really enjoyed reading them. This week we have been using our handwriting pens and working really hard to develop a joined style.  In maths we've done lots of work on place value which will help us for the rest of the year. 

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