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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three

Class Teacher: Mrs Duckmanton


This page will contain class newsletters, photos of interesting activities and useful links.

It will be updated every week of the school year to let you know what is happening in school.

Please look at the top of this page to remember what we did since Nursery.

Autumn Term Newsletter and Topic Map

Week beginning 11th November

This week we have been working on our social skills in PE trying to create shapes with our bodies in a group. We also worked in pairs to move objects from one hoop to another using our feet!

In maths we chalked number lines on the playground to jump along in tens and hundreds. Some of us did some complex partitioning.

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Week beginning 4th November

This week we had a visit from OFSTED!

In active maths we made a human abacus and did relay races to read and write 3 digit numbers.

We made more Barbara Hepworth sculptures - photos to follow when they're all sprayed with metallic paint!

We have been thinking about why we wear poppies and Remembrance Day. Everyone made a 3D poppy and we stuck them together to make a beautiful wreath.

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Week beginning 21/10/19

This week we had a really exciting science assembly complete with exploding balloons and liquid nitrogen! 

Some children went the extra mile with their homework. Not only did they design a Stone Age weapon or tool, but they also made them!

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Week beginning 14/10/19

This week we have been sculpting Barbara Hepworth style sculptures from clay. We've looked at our class artist's work, and agreed that her abstract sculptures used lots of curved shapes and often included some sort of empty space. Here's our work...

Our trip to the Yorkshire Dales

To enhance our learning in science and geography, we visited the Yorkshire Dales. First we went to Coldstones Cut. We climbed to the top of a huge hill to look at a working stone quarry. It was fun watching all the big machines at work. We also looked at the Coldstones Cut installation - the largest and highest sculpture in Britain. We loved the bicycle which had been made from dumper truck wheels for the "Tour de Yorkshire"

Brimham Rocks

Our next stop was at Brimham Rocks, where we explored the amazing rock formations which were formed millions of years ago by a river. Over the years, erosion from ice and wind has accentuated the strange shapes of the rocks. One of our favourite formations was called "The Idol" - a huge rock balanced on a tiny base. While we were looking around the site we thought about our Stone Age topic and looked for things the pre-historic hunter-gatherers would eat. Some of us even tried some bilberries!

Crawling through the "Smartie Tube" formation

Week beginning 23/9/19

It's Christmas already! Only joking. We've entered a competition to design a Christmas card for Rachel Reeves, MP. The winning design will be printed and sent out to thousands of people, so keep your fingers crossed for a Cobden winner!

Ten children from the class represented the school at a cross country running event at Farnley Academy. Everyone showed great spirit and perseverance and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

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Week beginning 16/9/19

We read, "How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth" which was lots of fun. We've been looking at instructions and next week plan to write our own instructive text. In maths we were looking at fractions. It would be great if your child could help in the kitchen at home to give them lots of opportunities to talk about fractions, for example, cut the sandwich into quarters, cut the cake into eighths etc.

The highlight of our week was our "Colour Run" on Friday. We had an absolute blast! Thank you for all your hard work in getting sponsors. We're saving for a sound system for the hall so you can hear your children clearly during assemblies and performances...

Week beginning 9.9.19

This week our class were visited by Dave from the 'D:side' team. We learned all about the dangers of smoking and used an "inside out costume" to see how smoking damages the lungs. The children were also amazed at the cost of smoking and enjoyed working out how much money they could save if they never start to smoke!

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Week beginning 3.9.19

Good to see so many happy, smiling faces returning to school this week. I very much enjoyed looking at your child's "Summer book" to find out all about their holiday adventures.

This week we have been settling into new class routines. The weather has been good so we got outside for PE. The children made an exciting discovery - in the bed where they had planted lettuce seeds, a huge marrow had grown!

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